Tips for Effective Evangelism

Together we’re called to multiply devoted followers of Jesus, but it usually doesn’t happen overnight. It’s usually a process that involves a relationship with a person. So how does that happen? In this series, we take a look at how someone moves from being a stranger to a multiplying discipler of others.

Making New Contacts

We pursue many relationships with people who are far from God to be evangelistically fruitful.

Starting Spiritual Conversations

We learn intentional ways to move our conversations and relationships from the ordinary to the spiritual.

Presenting the Gospel

We stay prepared with tools to concisely share the Gospel with people when God opens the door.

Waiting Proactively

We continue to relationally connect with our friend while awaiting a response.

Nurturing New Life

We provide nurture and training for growing in relationship with Jesus when someone comes to know Him.

Take these tips with you.