Training describes our preparation for service. Through our study of the Bible and our involvement in practical ministry, we learn to practice what we believe to be true.  The Bible calls this bearing fruit. Knowledge is essential, but it’s not enough. God’s desire is that we grow in maturity and are mobilized to use His gifts to us for the good of others. We feast on His Word and we exercise through service. Grace Polaris U is the foremost of multiple initiatives at Grace for training. Learning devotion to Jesus.

Grace Polaris U

Grace Polaris U is the primary vehicle used to prepare believers at Grace to serve others. This coordinated program offers a wide variety of training opportunities that meet primarily on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Courses are offered four times per year and typically last from 8–12 weeks.

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Advanced Leadership Training

Advanced Leadership Training

A powerful 10-month training course designed to help trainees obey all that Jesus has commanded and train others to do the same.

Training Resources

Training Resources

We’ve prepared a number of helpful videos and articles designed to make you a more effective servant-leader. New content is added weekly.

The Pastoral Internship Program

The Pastoral Internship Program at Grace Polaris Church seeks to develop and invest in potential ministry leaders who display godly character, giftedness, and interest in local church leadership.