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  • Weddings

    Grace Polaris Church is excited to celebrate your wedding and prepare you for a lifetime of marriage that reflects Jesus’ love for his church. We are glad to assist you in your wedding planning and equip you for marriage by providing premarital counseling and an introductory class, God’s Design for Marriage. Please fill out the form below or contact Pastor Zac Hess to indicate your interest and schedule a pastoral interview.

  • Marriage Mentors

  • Parent Commissioning Class

    Raising children to become devoted followers of Jesus is no small task, but Grace is here to help! Our three-session Parent Commissioning Class helps expand parents’ awareness of their privilege and responsibility and culminates in a public dedication ceremony.


    Apply for our next Parent Commissioning Class:

    Family Information

    Full Names


    Phone Number

    Email Address

    Child(ren) Being Dedicated


    Sibling Information


    How did you meet your spouse?


    Describe your proposal story.


    How many children would you like to have? Why?


    Is there anything unique or interesting about your family?


    Raising Your Child(ren)

    Why do you want to dedicate your child(ren)?


    How have you chosen to raise your child?


    The Bible says in Acts 4:12 that “salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.” That name is Jesus. Do you believe that Jesus provides the only true means of salvation? Have you accepted His work on the cross as your only way to heaven?

    How did you come to know Jesus?



    Sunday Morning Dedication

    Will you have family in attendance at the dedication? If so, who?


    Is there anything special you would like us to briefly share at the dedication?


    Is there a particular church leader or elder you would like to pray with your family during the dedication? If so, who?


    During which worship service would you like to dedicate your child?


  • Memorial Services

    We are honored to serve families of Grace following the death of a loved one. Our pastors coordinate all the details for the funeral or memorial service. These services can be held at Grace Polaris Church or in a local funeral home. Our volunteers can provide special music during the service and provide a family meal following the service.

    We provide care for the family through phone calls, letters, visits, and GriefShare Groups.