College of Elders

The College of Elders represents the body of godly men who give spiritual oversight to our local church. They serve in areas of teaching, prayer, doctrine, counseling, shepherding, discipline, and governance. The character of their lives should reflect spiritual maturity as described in the Bible, and we gladly affirm their collective leadership.

Tim Brown, Moderator *

Rick Prince, Vice Moderator *

Jim Augspurger *

Jim Bauman

Sy Belohlavek

Jack Chapin

Jim Custer

Marion Forrest

Dan Green

Dan Hammers

Jeff Kiener

Bob LaMonte *

Victor Melfe

Bill Munsey *

David Nicodemus

Jim Parrish

Lester Pifer

Harold Rettstatt

Jay Sharp *

Bernie Simmons

Dustin Speaks

Bill Snell

Jim Taylor

Dan Troutner

Matt Vosberg

Tim Waggoner

Gary Webb

Chuck Wigton

Jonathan Wiley *

Bernie Woller *

Mike Yoder *

(*) Indicates Membership in the Elder Executive Council