About Grace Polaris Church

Grace Polaris Church is part of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches. Here’s more info about the common truths we adhere to.

Grace Polaris Church exists to honor God by multiplying devoted followers of Jesus through worship, community, training, and witness. Learn more about what this means to us.

Grace Polaris Church is the 50-year legacy of a group of people who take the Bible seriously, seek to understand its message, directly apply it to their lives, and share the hope of God’s gracious promises with others. Read more here about where we’ve come from.

It takes a crew to effectively operate a ship. Here are the people who help keep our vessel afloat.

The College of Elders represents the body of godly men who give spiritual oversight to our local church. They serve in areas of teaching, prayer, doctrine, counseling, shepherding, discipline, and governance. The character of their lives should reflect spiritual maturity as described in the Bible, and we gladly affirm their collective leadership.