What to Do…When You Can’t Do Anything: Sennacherib’s Defeat




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  1. Tom Currie says:

    I certainly enjoyed and was blessed by Sunday’s sermon. We serve a powerful God. 185,000 overnight. I got to thinking that the Assyrian army did not need to be near that big, as the Israelites could not even use 2000 horses. I guess God wanted to make sure that everyone knew who had done what.

    • Beau Stanley says:

      Thanks for your kind words, Tom, and good point about the numbers here. One thing we didn’t get to talk about was how spread thin the Judean army may have been, given that Sennacherib, by his own account in the so-called Sennacherib Prism, had destroyed more than 40 towns in Judah and was apparently fighting against Lachish simultaneously to the siege of Jerusalem. A pretty decisive intervention by God, no?

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