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Serving & Sharing

Internationals in Columbus

God has strategically placed us in a diverse city so that we may be witnesses for the Gospel to people from all over the globe. Did you know that Columbus has a population that is nearly 10% foreign-born? Daily we are surrounded by many people who have come from a variety of cultures around the world. Most of these come from places (Somalia, China, India, etc.) with a very limited Christian witness and very few churches. We have the opportunity to serve these people in the name of Christ, and introduce them to the person of Jesus.

At-Risk Youth

Many children around us are hurting and are in desperate need of love and care. God has given us the resources to be able to provide for these kids in tangible ways, and to share the good news of the Gospel with them. Providing food, tutoring, and mentorship are specific ways that we can show love to these kids. Simply giving time to show care and concern for them will help to heal the pain in their lives and provide opportunities to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

At-Risk Women

Women all around us are vulnerable due to difficult circumstances in their lives and the pursuit of those who want to exploit them. We have been given the opportunity to love and care for these women in tangible ways that will open doors for us to share the Gospel. Sex trafficking, crisis pregnancy, and single motherhood all present challenges for women in Columbus. We want to protect and serve women in these circumstances so that they may experience the love of Christ and hear the good news about Jesus.

Dignity of Life

All have been made in the image of God, yet some people are vulnerable, in danger, and often ignored by society. We have been given the opportunity demonstrate the Gospel by standing for those who cannot stand for themselves. We want to emphasize the need to protect the unborn, those with special needs, and those nearing the end of life. As we find ways to honor, serve, and stand for these people, we will have increased opportunity to share the good news of the Gospel with them.


God has called us to go to the nations with the good news of Jesus Christ. In order to see Christ’s name glorified in all the earth, we send short term-trips to our various partnership locations to encourage and serve the long term missionaries in those places.