One of the characteristics of “sticky” sayings is that they have a certain ring to them. “Look before you leap” just sounds catchier than “Look before you jump.” Likewise, fruit may be healthy for us, but the concept is much more memorable when we first hear that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

We’re hoping that in the coming weeks and months you’ll find “Two Pools and Two People” to be an evangelistic ohrwurm (a clever German term meaning “ear worm,” used for a song that gets stuck in one’s head). “Two pools and two people” does have alliteration and a degree of rhythm, don’t you think? Admittedly this little phrase is not likely to take off as a hashtag on Twitter or an internet meme. If you live it out, however, good things will happen.

When we speak of two pools and two people at Grace, we’re reminding ourselves of the call to multiply devoted followers of Jesus, and we’re trying to put flesh on that call. Increasingly our desire is that everyone at Grace will have identified two individuals for whom they are praying and with whom they are seeking to share the good news of salvation in Jesus. We also think it’s a good idea that each person at Grace identify two “pools” for witness (that is, relational networks like the workplace, the family, the neighborhood, the book club, etc.).

You’ll hear more about this as we go forward, but let’s start thinking in these terms. Who are your two people (first name only or initials please) and what are your two pools? Leave us a comment with your answer.

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