If God has called us to be witnesses for Christ, then a very important question arises: “To whom should I testify?” The answer is simpler than we might think.

Oikos List

To begin to answer this question, we will create an oikos list. Oikos is the Greek word for “house,” or “household.” For our purposes, one’s oikos is the network of his pre-existing relationships. The most fruitful Gospel witness usually comes from sharing with those with whom we already have existing relationships.

  • Take a moment to list the “spheres” in which you already have relationships, such as family, work, hobbies, recreation, etc.
  • Now that you have done this, take a few minutes to list within those spheres the names of several people you know who are far from God.
  • Lastly, stop and pray that God would show you through His Holy Spirit five people with whom He wants you to pursue Gospel witness.

FISHing Chart

Now take the names of the five people whom God laid on your heart and add them to the FISHing chart (available here). The FISHing chart is a tool you can use to track your progress in witness with these individuals. You’ll notice that the chart has four sections on it, which together create the acronym FISH.

The first, “Find,” suggests various ways in which you can assess the person’s life situation and spiritual state. The second, “Interest,” gives next steps for whetting a person’s spiritual appetite. The third, “Share,” lists ways in which you can get to the Gospel message. The fourth, “Help,” presents two options for helping those who have heard the Gospel but have not yet trusted in Jesus.

Important note: Be attentive to the Spirit’s leading as you approach people for witness. You needn’t cover all the steps on the FISHing chart if an opportunity arises to present the Gospel—and it often will, “out of sequence.” The purpose of the chart is to help you focus on witness to specific individuals and consider what next steps in your witness might look like.

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