Countless Christians throughout the ages have benefitted from memorizing Scripture. In the past Scripture memory was particularly helpful since the biblical text was much less accessible. Modern Christians, while they have ready access to Scripture, still find that being able to recall verses is useful for reminding themselves and others of God’s truth at difficult times or points of decision.

Scripture memorization is a goal for many, but a reality for few. Lately I have found the Fighter Verses app from Desiring God Ministries to be an exceptional resource in this endeavor. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and is inexpensive. I’ve found it to be worth more than the few pennies I paid for it.

The strength of the Fighter Verses app lies in its ability to guide the user through the memorization process with thoroughness from beginning to end. The app comes with pre-set lists of verses to memorize, but the user can customize the verses memorized and the version in which to memorize. The app generates quizzes for each verse and allows the user to hear the verses and record himself reciting the verses. The pre-set verses even include songs to help the user memorize. Some of the songs are a bit corny, but they work.

Perhaps the most important feature of the app is its review function. Once the user memorizes a verse, the app automatically reminds the user to review it daily, again providing tools to do so. Once the user has reviewed the verse daily a certain number of times, the verse transitions to weekly review, then to monthly review. This enables the memorizer to stay fresh but not create a huge backlog of verses.

Scripture tells the truth, and memorizing it can be a means for us to recall this truth amidst the lies we hear and tell ourselves. Start using the Fighter Verses app and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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