In a post several weeks ago, we introduced you to the 90-Day Disciple Making Challenge by Contagious Disciple Making. One of their ideas (the one you encounter on the first day of the challenge, in fact) is so good that we wanted to pass it on to you in a separate post. We’ll call it the “Daily Prayer Partner Calendar.”

Here’s the idea: every day of the month, choose one person to designate as your “prayer partner” for that day. For example, Joe might be assigned to the first of the month, Sam to the second, and so on. After you’ve assigned the various days of the month, go about calling, texting, or emailing the people on your calendar, asking them how you can pray for them. You might point out that you’ve designated that day of the month as a day to focus specifically on their requests.

Next month, when a certain person’s day rolls around, contact them again and, in addition to asking how you can pray for them, ask them how things went on the things you prayed for a month ago. This helps close the loop and will put you in a good habit of checking back in with the people you’ve prayed for.

As Contagious Disciple Making points out, sooner or later folks will naturally start asking you how they can pray for you. Those on my prayer calendar haven’t asked this very often, but if someone does ask you, you’ll have begun a sort of partnership with that person in fulfilling the Great Commission.

One other note: it’s probably a good idea to include mostly other Christians on your prayer calendar. We want to be praying for those who don’t know Jesus, of course, but the dynamic in this particular initiative seems to work better with those who are fellow believers. A good way to work in an evangelistic focus is to ask your prayer partners about people in their lives with whom they are looking to share the Gospel, and then to pray for those individuals.

Do you think this would work for you?

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