Ever since coming to Christ, I have been heavily involved in intentionally trying to share the Gospel, reach the lost, and make disciples. As a follower of Jesus, there is nothing better I can be doing than seeking to bring God glory by making disciples near and far. I want to pour my life out for this purpose!

Recently I’ve noticed a trend that more and more people at Grace Polaris Church are getting serious about making disciples, which is awesome! I am hearing stories all the time about folks trying to get out and find places to engage with people who don’t know Christ and I praise God for this movement toward evangelistic zeal. Whether at the Ohio State Fair, at the gym, or at the local rec center, a number of people are growing in their intentionality to connect with others for the sake of the Gospel. Praise God!

As I’ve been hearing these stories, I have wondered if we might be missing the most opportune location for disciple-making. Have we found the best place to make disciples yet? What if it has been under our noses this whole time, but we have missed it?

Today, I want to suggest that the best place to make disciples is actually our homes. Honestly, I have missed this time and time again in my own life. I have run around to different coffee shops, gyms, and neighborhoods to share the Gospel, but I haven’t seen the fruit I long for. Perhaps I have been focusing in the wrong places and using the wrong methods.

If the best place for making disciples is our homes, perhaps the best method is hospitality. What if each family in our church aimed to invite one or two other families from their neighborhoods over for dinner each week? What if families from our congregation began hosting international students for the holidays? What would the impact be if we started intentionally opening up our homes and our tables for the sake of the Gospel?

God has placed us in neighborhoods, apartment buildings, and condo complexes for a reason. We are surrounded day after day with people who don’t know Christ, yet we run off to new places trying to find new people to share the Gospel with, but we haven’t really done all that we can do right at home. Let’s do an experiment and start intentionally inviting our neighbors to come to meals, to parties, and to cookouts for the sake of the Gospel and see what kind of fruit God brings.

Now, I want to be clear that some people have a special calling to reach out to a unique population that isn’t being touched by the Gospel. I know of several people to whom God has given a unique calling to reach out to Muslims which requires some significant effort and willingness to go out of their way. However, that isn’t all of us and it probably isn’t even most of us. Either way, each of us are called to be faithful witnesses to those God has put closest to us.

Here is my challenge to each reader this week: Make a list of five people or couples you know who don’t yet know Jesus (if you can’t do that, your first step is to get out there and meet some folks in your neighborhood). Pick one or two to invite over for a meal or dessert this week. See what God does as you begin practicing hospitality with Gospel intentionality.

Be sure to share your story with us when God starts moving in and through your home!

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