Thanking Your “Resources”

When we started posting our Training Resources, our intention was to provide you with lots of useful tools that would benefit you as you seek to make disciples. A quick glance at our page will show that we’ve covered quite a variety of resources, including a guide to prayer, tips for Bible study (here, here, and here for example), a timeline of Old Testament events and people, and even a primer on Elizabethan pronouns and why they matter. Today, though, we want to alert you to a resource you already have access to.

Many of you at Grace saw that I received an award from CE National a couple of weeks ago in our worship services. It was a heartwarming experience to be affirmed for equipping biblical leadership, which has become one of the most prominent aspects of my calling.

What you aren’t aware of is how significant a role other people have played in my receiving this award. I cite here first and foremost my truly amazing wife, Stacey. She’s provided an amount of emotional steadiness and overall reliability that are more than any man could reasonably ask of his wife. In fact, I’d say she deserves 70% of the credit for any good that I have accomplished in ministry! Humanly speaking, others round out at least another 20%. My parents, my brother, my ministry teammates at Grace and beyond, my mentors in ministry, and even my two boys have all have played a role in shaping the way my efforts affect others.

For you, the names are different but the reality is the same: God, by His grace, has allowed you to accomplish many things in life, and every single one of them is a direct result of the positive influence and sacrifice of others who have built into you (with sometimes painstaking effort). If you want to continue to accomplish things for God in the way He desires, get in the habit of thanking them!

Don’t forget that one of the most powerful resources in your ministry toolkit is thankfulness to those who have already been resources to you. What would it look like for you to thank someone today whose ministry to you has gone on so faithfully for so long that you’re tempted to take it for granted? Will you call them, write them a note, or send them a text? How will you express to them that you’ve been able to bless others because they were kind enough to bless you?

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A special thanks to Pastor Clancy Cruise of Marysville Grace for his comments on this topic at our recent Central Focus Retreat.

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