Sharing Your Story to Share His Story

If someone in our church was asked to share the Gospel, they’d probably dive into specific ideas, outlines, illustrations, Bible verses, and other content. They might use a napkin to draw the “bridge” illustration, whip out their Bible to travel down the Romans road, or present their favorite Gospel tract.

These aren’t bad things, but what if we’re missing one of the best ways to share the Gospel? What if one of the most effective ways to help people around us grow interested in Jesus is by sharing our own personal story?

Stories connect with people—children and adults alike. Your testimony can help people connect the dots from the “what” of the Gospel to its “so-what”—how it changes lives, and specifically how Jesus has changed your life. People want to hear what difference this really makes for you, which will help them to see what difference it might make for them.

Here are three keys to sharing your story of how Jesus has changed your life:

  1. Focus on the emotional side of being without Jesus, not on specific sins. Talk about how you felt when you were lost, as opposed to focusing on what you did.
  2. Be sure to share the Gospel message concisely as you describe your conversion. Make sure they know that placing your trust in Jesus was the key component of your life being changed.
  3. Remember to talk about how Jesus is still working in your life and changing you, even to this day! Show them that Jesus is alive and active in your life right now, not just back then.

People are intrigued by the stories that have changed the lives of others. They want to hear the story of how you came to know Jesus and the impact that He’s had on you over the years. Their hunger for the Gospel will only grow as they see how passionate you are about Jesus and how He has impacted your life.

Sharing your story will go a long way to sharing His story!

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2 Responses

  1. April says:

    Quite often Lou Giglio accompanies Chris Tomlin on his concert tours. Midway through the concert, Lou will give a sermon/testimony. Lou addresses the issue of people who have been believers most of their lives and therefore think they don’t have a testimony since they don’t have remarkable conversion stories. Lou points out, correctly so, that all one has to say is, I was dead and now I am alive!

    • Dustin Speaks says:

      Great point April! In many ways we all have the same testimony with some different details. We were lost and now we are found. We were dead and now we are alive. We were children of wrath and now we are children of God. WHAT GOOD NEWS!

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