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When we think about being more effective evangelists in our various spheres of life the Lord has put us in, I think we need a dose of realism. I won’t forget Larry Moyer, a gifted evangelist who founded EvanTell, saying he gets nervous before every time he shares the Gospel. Spiritual interactions are the event horizon of a cosmic battle (Ephesians 6:10–20), so a degree of internal tension is appropriate. Like my father says,

If you aren’t a little nervous, you aren’t ready to play.

I enjoy CrossFit, a type of functional physical training known for its intensity and the sometimes cultic loyalty that its devotees evince. Some people find us CrossFitters off-putting because we talk about CrossFit a lot. But as one CrossFit apologist wrote, we all tend to speak to others about the things that garner our passions.

The implications for evangelism are significant. Sure, it might not be possible—or even healthy—to avoid all discomfort in evangelism, but evangelism will become more natural for us as our passion for Jesus grows. The more awesome you think He is, the more you’ll want to tell others how awesome He is—and that makes for a compelling testimony. 1

Thus, one of the most effective ways to grease the skids of witness is to redouble our efforts at praise and thanksgiving to God. Doing so may require us to somewhat alter our times of prayer, but take it from someone who is learning about this as we speak: it’s worth it!

What has helped you be more natural in your evangelism?

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1 I am indebted to Timothy Keller’s chapter “Awe: Praising His Glory” in Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God. John Piper has also written extensively on the connection between passion for God and mission.

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