Sometimes the best principles are the simplest.

Disciple-making is a noble task, and in the interest of helping you pursue it we’re willing to go to great lengths (if you doubt this, check out our somewhat nerdy posts on helping you navigate pronouns and track down King Tiglath-Pileser III). Today we want to provide a basic challenge: share pretty much everything God is teaching you through His Word.

We wouldn’t be the first to point out that in the interest of promoting Bible study, evangelicals in the last several decades have sometimes disconnected that study from other people. Consider for a moment what it would be like, though, if someone else benefited every time you studied the Scriptures personally.

To unlock this scenario, we borrow again from our friends at Contagious Disciple Making, who suggest a conversational lead-in: “God taught me something today.” The phrase is pretty simple to employ. In conversation with either believers or non-believers, try interjecting something like “You know, God taught me something about that today.” Of course, it’s possible that the person will simply ignore your statement (somewhat likely) or look at you as if you had four heads (less likely in our über-tolerant society). If they show a sign of interest, though, you’ll simply paraphrase the central point of what you learned in your personal Bible study that day.

Simple, right? Try putting this into practice today by testing it out, and then let us be happy with you by leaving us a comment on how it went.

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