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Root Your Prayers in the Boundless Love of Christ

While recently digging in my backyard, I hit the root of an oak tree with my shovel. I was puzzled by the root’s relatively large thickness because I found it lying outside the tree’s canopy above. I do expect to find roots out that far, but three inches in diameter was surprising. That oak sure has a mature root system!

Stop Yelling at Your Foot

Imagine a man who has no feeling in his feet. Unbeknownst to the man, chunks of broken glass litter the floor of his house. This man without feeling in his feet continually walks on the floor barefoot, and it lacerates his feet quite fiercely.

Nearsighted and Farsighted Disciple Making

With all the emphasis we’ve placed on disciple making and the Great Commission, some common and understandable misconceptions persist. Disciple makers must understand their “target,” but some of us remain farsighted while others remain nearsighted.

Living in the Gap

With the phrase “I am the gate” (or “door,” in many translations), Jesus provides a beautiful picture of who He is, from which His followers can find inspiration to ask the question, “If Jesus is the door, then what sort of people ought we be?”

Beholding Christ

How do I increase my desire for something? Desire is kind of a slippery thing and it’s not entirely controllable. Often, we have to approach it in a roundabout way. But I think with Christ it’s not as complex as it may seem.

Caution, Sharp Objects Inside

The cover of your Bible is like a leather sheath which protects the master-crafted, razor-sharp, steel-bladed knife cradled inside. Such a knife out of its sheath must be treated with the utmost respect because sudden thoughtless moves can result in certain injury.

Giving It All for the Gospel

I fear coming to the end of my days and feeling that I have nothing to show for my many years of toil on earth. I fear the regret that I spent my life focused on and worried about all the wrong things while missing what really mattered.

The Christmas Stamp

One famous carol, in particular, caught my attention this year because it honors what the advent means for believers. It begins by citing events described in Luke 2.