Is the Harvest Really Plentiful?

Christians who struggle to share their faith feel hampered by a number of limitations: a sense of not knowing what to say in spiritual interactions, a lack of relational connections with non-Christians, a fear of being rejected, and so on. We’ve addressed some limitations here, here, and here, and we hope that these posts have helped you or will help you.

I’m beginning to think that another major hindrance faces Christians today, particularly those who’ve been following Jesus for a while. It’s a subtle hindrance that hamstrings our effectiveness. Simply put, we don’t expect people to be receptive to our message.

On a human level, we can generally say that confident people are more persuasive and successful in their endeavors. I’m sure the impact of a salesman’s mindset on his effectiveness is well documented, and athletes talk all the time about the importance of expecting to win. Naturally, if we walk into a spiritual conversation with a defeatist attitude, we shouldn’t expect good things.

True confidence must come from a solid foundation, though. So consider the words of Jesus to His hesitant disciples:

John 4:35
Do you not say, “There are yet four months, then comes the harvest”? Look, I tell you,lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest

The context of this passage shows that the disciples were unaware of the spiritual work that was right in front of them. Furthermore, this was not an isolated challenge from Jesus. Sending out seventy-two disciples on an evangelistic mission, Jesus told them,

Luke 10:2
The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.

Here’s the question: do your actions reflect the belief that the fields are ready for harvest? Do you approach the people around you as if the harvest is plentiful? Take heart—it is! And I’m praying that the Lord of the harvest will send you into His harvest!

Let’s get moving. Write down something God would have you do in light of these truths, and share this post with someone who would benefit from reading it!

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  1. Kelly says:

    Thank you for this. I am trying to be brave with my grocery store cashiers!

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