There are a lot of interesting developments going on in education right now. One of the more interesting to me is the concept of “flipping the classroom.” Remember how class time, especially at the college level and above, was reserved for the professor disseminating information (lecturing)? The traditional model then assigned homework to students in which they would process the information given in class, sometimes in groups, often individually.

Flipping the classroom reverses the traditional model. Instead of disseminating large quantities of content in class, the professor delivers this content to the student in an out-of-class environment, often via the internet. Having watched, for example, a lecture on her mobile device, a student comes to class to process and digest the content in the class setting, with the professor acting as facilitator. The result is a learning environment that is much more interactive and catalytic to application.

Consider for a moment how you might “flip the classroom” in some of your disciple-making interactions. Maybe you’ve gotten in the habit of doing a lot of talking during meetings with those you’re training. Could there be an opportunity to replace a lot of this talking with assignments that you would give to your disciples, perhaps via mobile technology? Think how much time this would free up in your face-to-face time for rich discussion, questions and answers, and so on.

Looking for some good resources to pass along? Well, a first stop is our Training Resources page, of course. Asking someone to read a good ole’ book is also a good idea. If you’re looking for video content, an excellent avenue is RightNow Media, which features a video library of thousands of titles on all sorts of disciple-making topics.

What other resources have you found helpful in flipping the classroom?

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