If you stop and reflect on your week, what one adjective would you use to describe the things that have been on your mind? Exciting? Discouraging? Energizing? Gloomy? Ok, now take that adjective and compare it to the list of adjectives in Philippians 4:8. Is there any overlap?

If you find that there is less overlap than you would like, don’t be discouraged. Adopting a godly perspective is tough. As a matter of fact, it involves at least three different endeavors.

  • First, we must react well to whatever thoughts come into our heads as we go about life. This is something like sorting the good vegetables in our garden from the rotten ones and only putting the good vegetables in our kitchen.
  • Second, we must replace lies with truth. This is like ripping up weeds and planting good seed in their place.
  • Third, we must intentionally choose to dwell on certain thoughts rather than others, as Philippians 4:8 suggests. This is like choosing to eat healthy stuff from amongst all the possibilities of pantry, supermarket, and restaurant.

As you continue to read our Training Resources posts, realize that God may use them in your life to help you in all of these ways. Going forward you’ll not only be better able to distinguish right ideas about disciple-making from wrong ones (the first bullet point above), but you’ll also be able to replace lies with corresponding truth (the second bullet), all the while ingesting good thoughts about Jesus’ glory and mission (the third bullet). Hang in there. God is going to do good things in you!

Enough of our agro-gastronomical musings. Which of these three bullets do you find to be most intuitive, and which one takes the most effort for you? Leave a comment below!

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