3 Things to Avoid when Sharing the Gospel with Kids

We all want to be more effective in sharing the Gospel with our own kids and with others God puts in our lives, but how can we grow in this respect? So often we first try to sharpen our tactics, but perhaps a better way to begin is to consider which of our current practices we should avoid.

Here are three common mistakes we can make in evangelism to children:

  1. We use language that kids don’t understand. How often have you heard someone sharing with children and using the words sanctification or depravity? These are great words that are helpful when adults consider the Christian life and seek to grow in faith, but telling kids that they are depraved and need a Savior doesn’t connect because they don’t understand that language. What are some words they would understand that you can use to share the same ideas?
  2. We focus only on the eternal consequences of not knowing Jesus. Certainly there is an eternal component to the good news—we will go to Heaven if we know Jesus, and we’ll go to Hell if we don’t. However, this truth often becomes the focal point of our evangelism to children. Avoid Hell! Go to Heaven! Accept Jesus! How can we find ways to share the Gospel with kids in a way that helps them see how it’s good news for them today?
  3. We overemphasize praying a prayer or doing some action. After many Gospel presentations to children, the invitation is to throw a stick in the fire, pray a prayer, or walk down an aisle. Many children will complete the activity out a desire to please the adult that is sharing with them or to fit in with their friends, but their hearts have not trusted and placed faith in Christ. Though praying a prayer can be an authentic expression of new faith in Christ, we must make sure we are inviting kids to trust Jesus and not simply perform an action. So, how can we more clearly call children to a right response to the Gospel?

The first step toward improvement in sharing the Gospel with kids is to look at some of the potential errors in our current practice. We need to consider some of the things we do today that might hinder them from coming to true, lifelong, saving faith in Jesus.

What are some things you have done in sharing the Gospel with children that might have been unhelpful or ineffective?

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