Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in Grace Polaris U?
Grace Polaris U is designed for all members and attenders of Grace Polaris Church, age 16 and up. Those not affiliated with our church family are also welcome to attend.

When do the classes meet?
Most Grace Polaris U classes meet Sunday mornings during the 9:00 and 10:45 a.m. service times. Some classes meet on Wednesday evenings.

Why do Grace Polaris U courses last for a limited time?
For those well-acquainted with the Sunday School system, the notion of being involved in a different Sunday morning class each quarter may be unfamiliar. It is helpful to understand that, unlike Sunday School classes, Grace Polaris U courses are designed primarily for training and not specifically for community building. (If relationships and community happen within Grace Polaris U gatherings, we are of course glad for that.) We hope that those in our congregation will find their primary community relationships in the context of a Grace Group.

Since the Grace Polaris U model involves courses that focus on a specific subject matter for a specific time, it allows anyone in our congregation the flexibility to take advantage of subject-based training in areas of their need, whether that is a sequence of courses or particular electives.

Who teaches Grace Polaris U courses?
Grace Polaris U courses are facilitated by various church staff as well as lay leaders who show teaching competence. In keeping with our commitment to develop new leaders, a number of courses may be co-taught by an experienced instructor and an apprentice.

Can I be involved in multiple Grace Polaris U courses at the same time?
This depends on your schedule. Some Grace Polaris U courses are offered at 9:00 and 10:45 a.m. on Sundays. Still others are offered on Wednesday evenings. We strongly recommend that you not miss the Sunday worship service (the Gathering) in order to attend one or more Grace Polaris U courses.

Can I be involved in courses during some of the sessions but not all of them?
Absolutely. Grace Polaris U courses will be offered in three or four sessions per year lasting approximately eight–12 weeks. Participants might take a course in the fall but not in the winter, for example. We hope that the various course offerings and topics will inspire you to participate regularly in Grace Polaris U sessions. We do recommend that those enrolled in the core curriculum complete this within a two-year period.

What if I am serving on Sunday mornings? Can I still take classes?
It depends. We may be able to accommodate your situation if you desire to take one of our courses. Please contact us for more information.

What’s the difference between the core curriculum and the electives?
The Grace Polaris U core curriculum is a two-year sequence of courses that learners should take in order. This sequence is aimed particularly at newer believers and those who wish to revisit the foundations of the Christian faith, which are critically important. Learners who successfully complete this two-year core curriculum will receive a certificate that will become an important ministry credential for those wishing to serve in leadership positions at Grace Polaris. Elective courses, on the other hand, are not part of a sequence. They are courses dealing with certain elective topics. Grace will offer some electives on a recurring basis.

Is there a cost associated with Grace Polaris U?
Core courses and certain electives have modest registration fees to offset costs and support Grace Polaris U. Because of its resource-intensive nature, Advanced Leadership Training will have a more substantial registration fee. Feel free to contact us for more detail.

Are Grace Polaris U courses accredited?
No, Grace Polaris U courses are not accredited, and they cannot be used for transfer credit to academic institutions. We do believe Grace Polaris U courses will be highly beneficial for your spiritual growth, however!

I have a question that wasn’t addressed here. Who should I contact?

Beau Stanley Cory Estabrook