Grace Polaris U

Grace Polaris U is our primary vehicle for training in preparation for service! Each session we host a number of courses aimed at helping you grow and learn in your relationship with God. View current courses below and sign up today!

Winter 2018 Courses

Training: Preparation for Service

Sundays, January 14–March 25
9:00 a.m., DC200
Led by Brian Elder

For centuries a divide between clergy and laity has hamstrung the Church. The Bible, however, presents a vision of Christian service that involves every believer in Jesus Christ using his ministry gifts for the benefit of those inside and outside the Body of Christ. In Training: Preparing for Service, we’ll seek to energize and empower believers by investigating critical questions like, “How does biblical training differ from secular training?” “How do I grow spiritually and help others grow spiritually?” and “How do the many ministries of the church accomplish Christ’s mission?” Join us and take the next step in your service for Jesus. Registration is just $10.


Growing Together in Christ

Sundays, January 14–February 25
9:00 a.m., DC203
Led by Jim & Terri Parrish

In your marriage, a spiritual connection is as essential as the emotional and physical connections. Couples who share in each other’s spiritual development have discovered a key ingredient of true intimacy. But how does a couple really grow together in faith? Is there more than going to church as a family or saying a prayer before dinner? Come join in this seven-week journey as we discover what it means to follow Christ together as a couple. Growing Together in Christ can help you and your spouse pursue God together.


Preparing & Giving a Message from the Bible

Sundays, January 14–March 11
10:45 a.m., DC200
Led by Pastors Mike Yoder, Jim Custer, Beau Stanley, Zac Hess, Tim Waggoner, & Gary Webb

Being able to teach and preach from Scripture is an important skill of biblical leadership. To this end, our nine-week course will cover several building blocks in the ministry of the Word, such as:

  • The role of prayer in preaching and teaching
  • The work of the Holy Spirit in this process
  • Observing and interpreting biblical texts
  • Structuring biblical messages
  • Illustrating and applying biblical texts
  • Understanding and addressing one’s audience

In addition to receiving classroom instruction, students will prepare and deliver a biblical message and receive feedback from pastoral staff. All men and women who desire to teach, speak, and lead from the Bible will benefit. Space is limited. Contact Pastor Tim for more information.


For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions or contact Pastor Beau.