A Christmas for All the People

This Christmas, as we wake up and begin our celebration, I want to challenge us to see an aspect of this magnificent holiday that we may be tempted to forget or overlook entirely.

Don’t Miss the Christ of Christmas

It’s easy to be all mushy gushy at Christmas with the baby Jesus. Christmas is a cultural holiday that nine out of ten Americans celebrate. Americans marvel at a baby in a manager, but we cringe at a Christ on a cross.

The Chasm Transcended

Begetting all, yet born to us.
Uncreated, life begun.
Holding all, yet held by man,
Ageless One in withered hands.

For All the People

What is this good news of great joy? What is this message that isn’t only good for the upper middle class in America, but for all people?

Christmas for the Nations

Christmas has always been for the nations in God’s mind. Everyone and every people group is included in the plan of God.


Jesus becoming man was more than just a cool social experiment of having God walk among us. It was the moving forward of God’s rescue plan.