God Sure Has a Big Heart

With all my sins needing forgiveness, His love is big enough to handle that. For all the billions of people in the world, there was still room for one more — me — to be in His heart. He has a big heart.

The Number One Reason People Attend Church

What’s the number one reason people go to church? Is it the music? Is it incredible children’s ministries? Is it various social activities provided? To these questions, the answer is “no.” The number one reason why people go to church is…

Wesley’s Wordplay

God has now, through Jesus, given us new hearts that are responsive to Him, and now, slowly, through the power of the Holy Spirit indwelling believers, God is working at making us perfect.

That We Should be Called Children

Musical worship is a time to approach Jesus with open hands and exhausted hearts, confident that he will receive us with the tenderness and grace that He earned for us by enduring our penalty, scorning the shame of physical and spiritual agony…

Worshipping Idols

Idols are for other people. Idols are those things that strange people with unfamiliar religions on the other side of the world worship. Idols do not exist in my town, my school, my church, or my life. Right? Unfortunately, the answer is that idols are very much alive in our world and take on a form that we don’t often recognize as an object of our worship.

How to be Full

Being filled with the Spirit is a hallmark of life in Christ. It is when we are submitted to Him and responding to His leading in all kinds of practical ways. We highlighted that wonderful invitation this past Sunday at Grace.

Who do You Worship?

There is no doubt that North America is growing increasingly secular. The number of people who claim no religious affiliation is growing and church attendance is down. But does this mean worship is on the decline as well? Not necessarily.

Worship Service Styles

Have you ever thought about what goes into planning a worship service? In his book Center Church, Timothy Keller suggests there are three elements that should be considered when planning services: Biblical theology, historical tradition, and cultural context.

The Importance of Worship to Our Mission

The mission that Jesus gave us—to make disciples of all nations—is an incredibly important responsibility that we should take seriously. However, it’s not an eternal activity; one day the mission of making disciples will end when Christ’s bride is made whole. But there is an eternal activity and priority that must also be a part of our lives…