Unencumbered Joy

There’s joy in walking, unencumbered, toward the heav’nly prize—
The deepest peace in Jesus Christ, on whom we fix our eyes.

Unforgiveness Entangles

Why does forgiveness matter? How does forgiveness work? What happens if I don’t forgive? This past week at Grace, we examined The Drag of Unforgiveness, looking at how this reality becomes a hindrance and a sin that easily entangles us in life.

Hearing Through the Noise

Technology is not the ultimate evil, in fact, it can be very helpful. But what we really need is time at the feet of Jesus. We need to regularly put down our connection to the world so that we can hear and feast on what God whispers to us about himself and ourselves.

Book Review: Crazy Busy

Busyness. No matter how much time we have, it’s never enough. And even if it were, we’d struggle to find the focus to be busy about the right things.

Hospitality in Action

Being hospitable is that God-ordained characteristic that indicates we are different in a very positive way. As they receive our kindness, it is natural to share about the One who has given us the motivation to be kind—the One who is our true satisfaction.