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How to Apply Jesus’ Statement, “Judge Not, that Ye be Not Judged”

It’s pretty common to hear someone quote or paraphrase Matthew 7:1, in which Jesus says, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.“ Often the person quoting the passage is objecting to being criticized for his behavior.

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Training Leaders for the Spread of the Gospel

Pray for Pastor Dan Green and I as we leave to join Jason Carmean in Yaoundé, to lead a two week teaching module at the Bible Institute of Cameroon.

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Moving From Good to Great

What if we could turn the process of addition into something that multiplies? How could we take good fruitfulness and make it great?

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Core Value: We Equip for Maturity and Ministry

By God’s grace, our commitment to equipping will lead to a church body composed of growing servants who increasingly resemble Jesus as they serve one another in love.

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A Good Work

On days off we sometimes entertain reflections like, “Wouldn’t life be better if every day were like this one?” The Bible answers an emphatic “no” to this question. And there are at least three reasons why we can be thankful, on a day off, that we have days “on.”

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Our Hindrances: Fear

Many of us have expressed that our main obstacle to sharing the Gospel is fear. Fear has many possible causes. Maybe we are fearful that people will reject us if we share the Gospel. Perhaps we are uncertain what to say and don’t want to mislead anyone. Others might think that they could lose their job if they share with a co-worker. However, the hindrance that the Apostle Paul encouraged Timothy to overcome was being ashamed of the Gospel.

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There’s an App for That

Committing Scripture to memory is an important element of training for effective ministry to others in our spheres of life. We recently stumbled upon an app available for iOS and Android devices that might give you some assistance in making Scripture memory a part of your daily routine.

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Defining Moments of Prayer

The world is full of books and strategies on prayer that outline great ways to encounter God by approaching His throne with confidence. The Bible is filled with stories and passages that instruct us to pray and demonstrate how to do so. In addition to Scripture and good books, God has used some other “teachers” in my life that have shaped my prayer habits to this day.

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Theological Starvation and Hungry Leaders

I’m not much of a statistician. I have never been very good with numbers. In fact, I tell people that once numbers get beyond chapter and verse, I’m lost. But recently I was confronted with some numbers and statistics that I can’t stop thinking about.

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Godly Citizenship and Voting

On Tuesday, November 4, millions of Americans will cast their ballot for the next government leaders. It’s a time-honored tradition and a great privilege for our time and place. Billions of people worldwide have no such opportunity, and countless Americans have sacrificed so that we might. God has truly shown us His favor—undeserved!

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