Tagged: “The God of the Impossible”


Unchained & Unhindered: Paul & Silas in Prison

When the Gospel is unleashed, it penetrates deeply and spreads widely.

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Not Beyond Reach: Saul’s Conversion

God can change the most unlikely hearts and use the most unlikely people.

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Who’s On The Throne?: The Rich Young Ruler

Surrender to Jesus motivates a grateful and generous life.

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No One Like Him: Jesus Heals Many

Jesus displays God’s power in the most vulnerable moments of life.
He shows even greater power to change the destiny of your life.

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The Siege of Jerusalem

The story of the siege of Jerusalem is not the most familiar story in the Bible. Not by a long shot.

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What to Do…When You Can’t Do Anything: Sennacherib’s Defeat

God delivers those who want what he wants.

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Supremacy Revealed: Elijah & the Prophets of Baal

God is jealous for His glory. His revelation demands response.

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I Promise!

“I promise.” Those are words you rarely hear from my mouth, and my upbringing has everything to do with it. My parents placed a premium on the truth. Lying was not tolerated. A promise was sacred and not to be spoken casually.

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Sun, Moon, & Star Wars: The Sun Stands Still

God created the universe, and has the power to do anything in it according to His character.

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Futile Resistance: Balaam’s Donkey

Resisting God is an exercise in futility. Trusting God is an embrace of blessing.

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