Charitable Conundrums

How should genuine followers of Jesus make decisions about their charitable giving, especially this time of year when everyone seems to have access to your mailbox?

How to Give it Away

It’s already mid-December, which offers us a mid-month check-up. How is your stewardship going? Amidst all of the gift-buying, charitable giving requests, investment plans, and year-end purchases…what kind of month are you having? Are your choices reflecting a “forward-thinking” or “behind-the-eight-ball” pattern?

Mobilized on Mission

Each and every believer is invited to make the cause of Jesus the cause of their lives, just as they make the Person of Jesus the Lord of their lives. And that cause of Jesus in this present age is the Great Commission—the Gospel to the nations.

The Journey of Generosity

Money and possessions were truly a big deal to Jesus. He spoke about wealth more than heaven and hell combined. He warned against “the deceitfulness of riches” and reminded people that “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

The Purse Curse

Compared to the vast majority of people who have walked the planet, we are filthy rich. How many of us wondered if we would have food to eat today? Or clothes to wear? Or shelter over our heads? How many of us worried about our physical safety this week? If we’re honest, our answer would be “not many.”