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Who Can Access God’s Favor?

Favor with God comes by genuine trust, for the greatest individuals and for the least.

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A Faith that Saves

We really don’t trust God. And so, we pile on the weight of rules, and privileges, and pride, and we march up to the righteous Judge and say, “look at me!”

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What is the Nature of Saving Faith?

God provides His righteousness through faith in Jesus.

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How Can Sinners Be Righteous Before God?

Personal trust in Jesus Christ enables a righteous standing before God.

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Who Stands Condemned Apart from the Gospel?

We stand condemned before the righteous wrath of God.

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How Can I Possibly Honor God?

Before the judgment of God, none of us possess a “get out of jail free” card.

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The Mirror

Most of us probably have a love-hate relationship with mirrors. They help us look our best, but they also reveal our worst.

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Do the Self-Righteous Need the Gospel Too?

Whether blatantly rebellious or sophisticatedly moralistic, no one is righteous on their own before God. We are all guilty.

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What is the Evidence for Our Rebellion?

Because we have not acknowledged God, He has released us to swim in our own chosen cesspool…every one of us.

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What’s Wrong with the World…and with Us?

All of humanity has willfully cheated God out of His rightfully-deserved worship.

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