Parenting with a Purpose

Parenting has its challenges, regardless of age or season. But as children get older, the pace gets faster and, so it seems, the stakes of parenting become greater.

Building Your Legacy Begins Today

We get so caught up in everyday life we often don’t recognize that our legacy is constructed and formed in the day-to-day experiences of life. We forget that what we do today will impact tomorrow.

Be a Voice for Life

This weekend we will observe Sanctity of Human Life Sunday as a way to shed light on one of the greatest evils in the history of the world and to celebrate the truth that all people have been made in the image of God and are equally valuable in His sight.

I Rocked My Son to Sleep Last Night

I rocked my son to sleep. As we rocked, he stopped fighting. As we rocked, we smiled at each other. As we rocked, we looked into each other’s eyes…until his slowly closed. As we rocked, I prayed for him and I let my heart consider that these moments are quickly fading away.

Henry Teaches Me Grace

My son Henry is a typical seven year old boy. One moment he listens, the next moment he couldn’t hear you if you shouted in his ear. He loves to play and get dirty and has no sense of time and schedule. Henry is also a typical child in that he likes fairness and justice.

Back to School = Opportunity!

I regret to inform you that, yes, that time has arrived. It’s time to go back to school. While this is probably a matter of disappointment for many students (and a matter of celebration for many parents), going back to school is more than just the sad end of a carefree summer, it is in fact a great opportunity.

Living Relentlessly

I had the opportunity to take a group of students and leaders from our student ministry to Momentum Youth Conference a couple of weeks ago. Momentum is always a great week for our group and I have seen God speak into the hearts of students each year that I’ve been a part it.

Creative Disobedience

My kids are creative. If you have kids, they’re probably creative, too. Every week my wife and I accumulate upward of 100 paper kid-crafts from various sources. If I’m honest, very few of them make it into the Nicodemus family hall of fame. Some weeks, none of them make the cut.

The Best Parenting Advice

I recently came across some incredible parenting advice. It’s advice that, as a parent, hits me right in the face. This advice causes me to rethink my commitments, my patterns, my choices, and my desires.

The Gift of “Yes”

If you were to ask my kids what my favorite word is, I’m afraid that their answer would be the word “no.” I say it often. I say it without thinking. I say it when I’m angry. I say it when I’m busy. I say it when I don’t mean it. I say it when I’m lazy. I often say it because it’s convenient and easy.