What’s in Your Cup?

I have a cup of coffee and you accidentally bump the coffee cup. Now there’s coffee all over the floor. Why is there coffee all over the floor?

Giving Up My “Mys”

True change comes when it’s more painful to stay the same than it is to change. I guess that’s why God made marriage. Now that my “mys” are “ours,” all the self-chosen, velvet nooses I’ve slowly tied around my neck are now tied around her neck too.

Building Your Legacy Begins Today

We get so caught up in everyday life we often don’t recognize that our legacy is constructed and formed in the day-to-day experiences of life. We forget that what we do today will impact tomorrow.

The Power of Love

The keys to a lasting and healthy marriage don’t require rocket science. The what is fairly clear. It’s the how that represents such a predicament. The power to become like that, or live like that, represent the great enigma.

Recapping the Marriage Retreats

On more than one occasion during the three weekends, everyone could sense God’s close presence. The Holy Spirit nurtured participants to dig deeper and to open their hearts more widely. Joys, heartaches, highlights, failures, progress, and setbacks all came out through dynamically animated voices, tears, laughter, nervousness, and bold courage.

Marriage and Sexuality

Followers of Jesus must navigate a changing culture in which the Gospel continues to become more and more peculiar. In our desire to be faithful to Jesus, we must be committed to being people of conviction and people of grace.

The Marriage We Long For

Recently I had the opportunity to spend a weekend away with my wife at a marriage retreat. It was a very small retreat (seven couples, including the lead couple). The setting was quiet, a place where one can step away for a moment to think, listen, meditate, pray, and talk. Unknown to me, this weekend was a key piece of a puzzle in what has been a long journey for me, personally.

Marriage and the Gospel

On Saturday, February 7, 75 couples from Grace gathered for Couple’s Night Out. It was a great evening of fun as we talked and laughed the whole night. It also provided an opportunity to introduce the Marriage Action Team that serves our church by caring for and encouraging marriages.

Go Back to School

In my high school days, my study habits were…shall I say…not good. I didn’t take school seriously and I often missed lots of important things I needed to learn. If I took my high school approach with my children and spouse, I would have “flunked out.”