Teaching Grace

Could it be that the modern-day evangelical Christian puts too much of an incorrect emphasis on grace? No doubt, this seems like a rather dangerous question to pose at first glance. We may ask ourselves, “How could the pinnacle of salvation, being grace, possibly be over-emphasized?”

That We Should be Called Children

Musical worship is a time to approach Jesus with open hands and exhausted hearts, confident that he will receive us with the tenderness and grace that He earned for us by enduring our penalty, scorning the shame of physical and spiritual agony…


This Christmas, just imagine the opportunity to collectively use your time and gifts, to build relational bridges, to serve together as one team, as a family, and as the Body of Christ, and to publicly and privately bear witness to thousands of the power of Jesus to change their lives forever.

Recapping the Marriage Retreats

On more than one occasion during the three weekends, everyone could sense God’s close presence. The Holy Spirit nurtured participants to dig deeper and to open their hearts more widely. Joys, heartaches, highlights, failures, progress, and setbacks all came out through dynamically animated voices, tears, laughter, nervousness, and bold courage.

God Gives Victory

This guest post is written by Dr. Tiberius Rata, assistant dean of the School of Ministry Studies and professor of Old Testament Studies at Grace College & Theological Seminary. Dr. Rata is passionate about instilling in his students a love for God and His inerrant Word so they can be pillars in their churches, leaders in their work places, and model citizens in their communities.