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Until Jesus Came…It Had Never Happened

Maybe you have noticed something I observed about the uniqueness of Jesus’ life here on earth…

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God Has a Word for You

An unavoidable side effect of working at a church as a Pastoral Intern is that you are around God’s Word all the time. Seemingly every picture on the wall has a Bible verse in it, every meeting opens with a devotion, and every conversation is in some way theological.

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Grace Is More Than a Name

Grace is the name we have given to our church. We believe in grace. We preach grace. Around our property are signs declaring “Welcome to Grace.”

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This Entropic Motel

Entropy glorifies God by dissatisfying us until we seek something better; it drives us to seek the reality we know is supposed to be. It reveals God as the only perfection, the only ideal, the truest reality, and the only One who can fill our longing for permanence and perfection. He is what is supposed to be.

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The Hero the People Deserved, and the One They Needed

In the midst of a book full of graphic violence about people groups we’re not familiar with and sins which look very different in our modern world than they did back then, we might be shocked to see this cycle is something that we easily fall into today!

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It’s All About the Root

I’ve never been good at growing grass. I could be considered an expert at growing dandelions and other broadleaf weeds, much to the chagrin of my neighbors. One quick look at my lawn a few days after mowing will prove this to you.

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Salvation from Works

“What am I going to do with my life?” This question has weighed heavily upon me as I consider how I will spend my numbered days on earth, and I may have been crushed by the pressure or frozen out of fear if I had not encountered a very old doctrine in a very new way.

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Comfort and Triumph in the Gospel of Jesus Christ

If the Christian theist acting as apologist simply gives a defense for the Christian faith, the bulwark of Christianity is effectively pushed aside.

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Of Bad Days and Stinky Toddlers

A lot of the suffering we experience on bad days is caused by a “why me?” attitude. We hold an expectation that we should be having only good days, that we deserve something better, and maybe there’s something wrong with us because things stink.

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Partner of Your Heart

Just as the gold does not naturally rid itself of impurity—and in fact exists comfortably in its natural environment bonded to the impurities—so we also will not naturally be able to rid ourselves of the impurities that exist comfortably in our hearts.

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