The Number One Reason People Attend Church

What’s the number one reason people go to church? Is it the music? Is it incredible children’s ministries? Is it various social activities provided? To these questions, the answer is “no.” The number one reason why people go to church is…

Core Value: We Embrace Risk-Taking Faith

At Grace, we are compelled to focus our energies and our resources on multiplying devoted followers of Jesus and for the sake of spreading Christ’s glory throughout the globe we will “embrace risk-taking faith.”

Core Value: We Practice Pervasive Prayer

As we think of prayer we normally think of it as, asking God for “stuff.” It should be thought of as much more than this. Communing with God is a better brief description of prayer.

Core Value: We Are Bible-Driven and Spirit-Led

I would absolutely love being a contestant on The Amazing Race with my wife, Kim, but I’m not so sure we’d fare very well. While we are both very confident and competent finding our way around, we have an amazing capacity to speak two mutually exclusive navigational languages. We were reminded of this twice in the first 90 minutes of our 11-hour trip home from vacation just last week. “Which way!? I’ve got to know in 30 seconds!” This isn’t the best strategy for traveling safely.

Core Value: We Engage Our Culture

Have you ever been so upset and angry at the world around you that you wished you lived in a different culture? I’m talking about more than just a desire for time travel, I’m talking about a longing to run because you are doubled over with disgust and can’t take the smell of society anymore.

Core Value: We Prioritize the Gospel

What guides the mission of the church? With a seemingly infinite number of opportunities, how do we determine which ones are best for us to spend our time, energy and resources on? These are important questions for us as individuals, but equally important for us as a church.