Why Does Church Membership Matter?

Through the years I’ve been asked the question, “Does church membership matter?” I’ve even asked the question myself. I mean, where in the Bible to we find a verse exhorting us to join an official church membership roll?

The Family Invention

As a part of a family, you have responsibilities. You have a role to play. The family of God needs you and you need the family of God. What an amazing invention, God’s family…and we get to be part of it!

Serving Together

We live in an individualistic society that constantly promotes self-actualization and personal fulfillment. We carry that attitude into every area of our lives, including our service. What would it look like if we linked arms to pursue the cause of Christ as a body, instead of merely as individuals?

Being on God’s Team

As a guy who really likes sports, I’m always interested in a good sports movie. One of my favorite moments in many of these movies is when the coach addresses the team in order to drive them on to victory. I decided to take a similar opportunity, delivering a pregame speech in hopes of inspiring a football team on to greatness.

How Can I Serve?

Some young adults from my local church recently approached me, expressing interest in ministry involvement and wondering if there were any areas of ministry in which they could get involved. My initial reaction was, “I can’t think of anything off the top of my head, but I will keep you in mind.” What does this reveal about how I view and understand ministry?

Encouraging a Friend in Pain

It’s often awkward to try encouraging someone who has just told you about a very difficult trial he’s going through. Finding the right words is not easy when a friend or acquaintance tells you he has lost his job, discovered he has a medical problem, or is experiencing another type of trial.

True Intimacy

Every human being desires intimacy. Not only do we desire it, but we need it. There is something about life that is meant to be shared and experienced with other people.