In ALL Circumstances

A funny thing happens when you are feeling near death (whether my feelings were unfounded or not, I was scared): the things you take for granted are greatly appreciated.

Resilient Living

Paul instructed the Thessalonians to rejoice, to pray, and to give thanks. This Thanksgiving, we remind ourselves to do the same.

Thanksgiving in the World of Middle School

There will always be turkey trivia games to play and Thanksgiving foods to blend together and taste test, but the thing that will hopefully stick in our minds is the phrase “attitude of gratitude.”

God Gets the Last Word

Victors with Jesus lead sober lives, anticipating a glorious future. All others are in for a rude awakening—deservedly and eternally.


Paul delights in the Thessalonians’ faith, and yearns for their continued spiritual growth.

Heartsick Parents

Disciple-makers yearn for the presence and perseverance of their spiritual children.