Room Request

  • Instructions

    1. Check our church management software, Seraphim, for scheduled events to find any potential conflicts with your request.
    2. Complete and submit your request at least 10 days prior to your event. The form is located on the Room Request Form tab (above).


    • Kitchens at the schools are not automatically included when the use of a cafeteria or gym is requested. If meals are to be prepared or any kitchen use is anticipated, you must contact the facilities department.
    • Any requests for media equipment (excluding equipment located in the requested room) must be made to the appropriate individuals:
    • Booking of the Worship Center Auditorium only reserves the room itself. If you require media assistance, contact the appropriate staff member(s) above.
    • The use of the sound, theater lights, and/or projectors in the Administration Center Auditorium will result in a $30 AV equipment fee.
    • If a change or cancellation of your reservation becomes necessary, please notify the facilities department immediately: Dick Barry
  • Room Request Form

    Event Information

    Event Name

    Dates & Times

    Event Repetition

    To select multiple items, press the CRTL or COMMAND key while clicking on a room.

    Repeating Weeks

    Repeating Days

    Repeating Months

    Room Selection

    Asterisks (*) indicate limited use. To select multiple rooms, press the CRTL or COMMAND key while clicking on a room.


    Requester Information

    Requester Name

    Responsible Party

    Responsible Party’s Email

    Responsible Party’s Phone


    Event Details

    Event Category

    Approximate Attendance


    Equipment / Food

    Food Provider Name

    Food Provider Phone

    Please note: setup and cleanup are the responsibility of the party host(s).


    2×4′ Tables

    4×8′ Tables

    60″ Round Tables

    Folding Chairs

    Red Plastic Chairs

    Soft Cushion Chairs

    Special Instructions

    Terms of Agreement

    By clicking “submit,” I agree to the following terms regarding the use of the Grace Polaris Church / WCS facilities:

    1. An adult sponsor (preferably a staff member of Worthington Christian Schools or Grace Polaris Church) will be present the entire time the facilities are being used. In case of damage or loss to the facilities, the sponsor is responsible to see that reimbursement or reparation is made to the school or church.
    2. No smoking or drinking of alcoholic beverages will be permitted in facilities.
    3. The facility will be left in the same (if not better) condition in which it was found. This includes:
      • Furniture in the proper place.
      • Litter cleaned up.
      • If locker room are used, they will be left clean and mopped dry.
      • If Grace Polaris Church and/or WCS kitchen is used, it will be cleaned before the supervisor of the group leaves the church. Dishes, leftover food, etc., will be removed from the kitchen. I understand that the church is not responsible for these items.