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Who We Are

There’s Something For Everyone

Sunday Mornings

8:30 Classic Worship

Classic, vintage, and reverent. Congregational singing will primarily come from treasured hymns, anthems, and Gospel songs, with keyboard accompaniment. The choir and orchestra will have some involvement, and special music will be regularly featured. Some use of Scripture reading and responsive reading will accompany the Bible message.

10:00 Eclectic Worship

Diverse, eclectic, grand, and celebrative. This service is for those who connect best with a wide variety of worship expressions. It will have regular participation from our choir and orchestra, as well as substantial praise and worship music. Hymn arrangements, musical specials, some drama, video, and other media will be typical. A Bible message will be a central part of the gathering.

11:30 Modern Worship

Participatory, congregational, personal, and responsive. This service is for those who connect best with a contemporary worship style. Music will be mostly praise and worship songs with some modern hymns. Our worship band (electric and acoustic) will lead. A Bible message will be central with strong applicational emphasis.

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