Jesus, the True King

The Promised King will one day usher in the ultimate kingdom. Are you already one of his subjects?

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Jesus, the Good Shepherd

Jesus lays down His life to care for yours.

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Will You Receive the Promise?

We receive God’s trust by trusting the Promisor.

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Thanksgiving: God’s Promises for the Ages

Pastors Dan Green, Tom Barlow, and Mike Yoder speak on being thankful in light of God’s promises for the past, present, and future.

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Who Can Access God’s Favor?

Favor with God comes by genuine trust, for the greatest individuals and for the least.

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What is the Nature of Saving Faith?

God provides His righteousness through faith in Jesus.

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How Can Sinners Be Righteous Before God?

Personal trust in Jesus Christ enables a righteous standing before God.

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Who Stands Condemned Apart from the Gospel?

We stand condemned before the righteous wrath of God.

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How Can I Possibly Honor God?

Before the judgment of God, none of us possess a “get out of jail free” card.

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Do the Self-Righteous Need the Gospel Too?

Whether blatantly rebellious or sophisticatedly moralistic, no one is righteous on their own before God. We are all guilty.

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What is the Evidence for Our Rebellion?

Because we have not acknowledged God, He has released us to swim in our own chosen cesspool…every one of us.

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What’s Wrong with the World…and with Us?

All of humanity has willfully cheated God out of His rightfully-deserved worship.

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How the Gospel Transforms Our Passions

To be touched by the Gospel is to be transformed by the Gospel.

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Is Your Gospel Actually Good News?

The good news you embrace must be the good news God gave…or it isn’t really good news.

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Firm Foundation

We cannot reach beyond effectively and fruitfully unless we are anchored in the foundation that is Jesus Christ.

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Next Generation: Threat or Investment?

To see the church continue to flourish, we must invest in the next generation.

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Telltale Signs of a New Community

For followers of Jesus, what’s next is determined by who—and whose—we are.

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Come with Me if You Want to Live

Following Jesus now is your next step.

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The Church Alone

Followers of Jesus are bonded in community and live out an otherworldly pattern of life.

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The Glory of God Alone

When the King is honored, all of His subjects are overwhelmed with pride and humility.

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Christ Alone

Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.

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Faith Alone

Faith is our initial and ongoing response to God’s grace, highlighted in the person of Jesus.

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Grace Alone

Grace represents God’s gift to us, and the character and calling of those saved by Him.

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Scripture Alone

We are bound by the Scriptures. Our conscience is captive to the Word of God. Here we stand.

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When God Bats Cleanup

God always gets the decisive at-bat, and it’s unfathomably good for His people.

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It’s Outta Here!

You can be faithful through the curveballs of life when you embrace the Author of your story.

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Déjà Vu All Over Again

You can be faithful through the curveballs of life when you embrace the Author of your story.

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Preparation for the Curve

You can be faithful through the curveballs of life when you embrace the Author of your story.

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When a Church Goes All In

Are we willing to go big and go broke, in order to go forward with the Great Commission?

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Deployment Discovery

Jesus has a claim and a calling on the rest of your life. Are you discovering the details of enlistment?

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Families on Mission

Godly parents raise their children on purpose—to release them for God’s Great Commission.

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The Task at Hand

The Gospel to the nations requires strategic engagement.

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Marching Orders

From whom are you taking your life’s marching orders?

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You’re Not Alone

The Spirit of Jesus in you is better than the resurrected Jesus with you.

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Who Are You Looking For?

The Risen Jesus stands before you. Do you clearly see Him? Are you appropriately responding to Him?

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Examining Life’s Bucket List

Jesus came for a purpose like none other. His invitation offers us a life like none other.

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The Triumph and Freedom of Christ

We triumph in the triumph of Christ.

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Unchained & Unhindered: Paul & Silas in Prison

When the Gospel is unleashed, it penetrates deeply and spreads widely.

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Not Beyond Reach: Saul’s Conversion

God can change the most unlikely hearts and use the most unlikely people.

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Who’s On The Throne?: The Rich Young Ruler

Surrender to Jesus motivates a grateful and generous life.

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No One Like Him: Jesus Heals Many

Jesus displays God’s power in the most vulnerable moments of life.
He shows even greater power to change the destiny of your life.

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What to Do…When You Can’t Do Anything: Sennacherib’s Defeat

God delivers those who want what he wants.

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Supremacy Revealed: Elijah & the Prophets of Baal

God is jealous for His glory. His revelation demands response.

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Sun, Moon, & Star Wars: The Sun Stands Still

God created the universe, and has the power to do anything in it according to His character.

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Futile Resistance: Balaam’s Donkey

Resisting God is an exercise in futility. Trusting God is an embrace of blessing.

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Israel Crossing the Red Sea

A healthy fear of God leads to a holy faith in God. The power of God compels the trust of His people.

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Providential Protection: The Birth & Rescue of Moses

God provides for His people in order to protect His plan.

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Ridiculous Obedience: Abraham & Isaac

Abraham worshiped God with his actions because he trusted God with his whole heart.

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Reaching Beyond

God loves to be dared by the trust of His people.

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New Year’s Consecration

A panel of our pastors and their wives share biblical wisdom about the new year.

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The Promised King

Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, and the Everlasting Father.

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The Prince of Peace

If you know the King, then you will know peace.

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The Suffering Servant

God’s greatest gift satisfies our greatest need.

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The Gentle Servant

Jesus is God’s gentle Servant, who brings peace, light, and freedom.

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The Benevolent Ruler

Insignificant origins produced a spectacular Result.

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The Ultimate Leader

Big problems require bigger deliverers.

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Resilient Living

Paul instructed the Thessalonians to rejoice, to pray, and to give thanks. This Thanksgiving, we remind ourselves to do the same.

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God Gets the Last Word

Victors with Jesus lead sober lives, anticipating a glorious future. All others are in for a rude awakening—deservedly and eternally.

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Future Confidence

Never be afraid to embrace an unseen future with a victorious God.

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Lives Which Impress

Your life patterns show your life’s Master.

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Holy Bodies

Sexual purity reflects personal holiness, which pleases God.

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Paul delights in the Thessalonians’ faith, and yearns for their continued spiritual growth.

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Heartsick Parents

Disciple-makers yearn for the presence and perseverance of their spiritual children.

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The Resilience of the Gospel

The resilience of the Gospel makes God’s people resilient.

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Spiritual Pediatrics

Followers of Jesus make disciples through the sacrificial overflow of their lives.

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The Transforming Variable

When the Gospel transforms lives, the collective picture is a beautiful sight.

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Off the Rails and Deep in Need

Everyone is looking for a hope and an anchor. In a world like this, what are yours?

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Front Page 2016-09-04

REACH BEYOND: Vision Sunday

May we together, as Grace Polaris Church, be a people who in our time, in our day, left it all on the field. May we reach beyond!

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Front Page 2016-08-28

Unencumbered: The Drag of Unforgiveness

Forgiveness not shown is forgiveness not known.

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Front Page 2016-08-21

Unencumbered: Taming Technology

“let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us”

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Unencumbered: The Bane of Busyness

“let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us”

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Unencumbered: Amazing Hospitality

Pastor Dan Green and Rich Mendola provide a powerful platform for declaring the good news to the nations who live around us.

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Front Page-2016-07-31

The Great I AM: I am the Resurrection and the Life

In Jesus, we see the full manifestation of God displayed before human eyes.

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Front Page 2016-07-24

The Great I AM: The Door of the Sheep

My sheep hear My voice, I know them, and they follow Me. (John 10:27)

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Front Page 2016-07-17

The Great I AM: The Vine & the Branches

Life-giving union with Jesus is the only way to be spiritually fruitful.

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Front Page 2016-07-10

The Great I AM: The Way, the Truth, and the Life

Jesus claims to be precisely what we’re looking for. Will you entrust your life to Him?

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Front Page 2016-07-03

The Great I AM: The Bread of Life

Do you “need” what you want, or do you want what you need?

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Front Page 2016-06-26

The Great I AM: The Good Shepherd

“I am the Good Shepherd; I know My sheep and My sheep know Me—just as the Father knows Me and I know the Father—and I lay down My life for the sheep” (John 10:14,15).

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The Great I AM: The Light of the World

Spiritual light is essential for genuine life.

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Front Page 2016-06-12

The Great I AM: A Life-or-Death Confrontation

Jesus is greater than you think.

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Front Page 2016-06-05

Wavelength: Divine Compassion

God loves the person you don’t! Our compassion should reflect God’s compassion for lost people.

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Front Page 2016-05-29

Wavelength: Clarity from God

God delights in the clarity of obedient ambassadors and repentant people.

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Front Page 2016-05-22

Wavelength: Courage or Cowardice

God commands his people to display courage by obeying him, even with difficult assignments.

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Front Page 2016-05-15

Kaleidoscope: A Mobile Temple

The Church embodies the temple of God to worship and witness to His glory.

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Front Page 2016-05-08

Kaleidoscope: A Beautiful Oneness

The Church pictures the ultimate marriage of the ages.

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Front Page 2016-05-01

Kaleidoscope: Mobilized for Mission

The Church should be deployed in every way for victory. Is your life mobilized?

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Front Page 2016-04-24

Kaleidoscope: Grow Up!

Your ministry drives our maturity!

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Front Page 2016-04-14

Kaleidoscope: The Solid Rock – The Church as God’s Building

The church is a magnificent structure of delivered and deployed people.

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Front Page 2016-04-10

Kaleidoscope: A Secure Belonging

The church is a family of siblings who have been adopted by a perfect Father. To belong to Him is to be connected to His children.

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Front Page 2016-04-03

The Missing Piece: Now What?

What does the evidence of your life indicate about who is in control of your heart?

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Front Page 2016-03-27

Easter Sunday: The Missing Piece

Nicodemus was searching for the missing piece in life. Did he find his unexpected answer in the Resurrected Jesus?

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Front Page 2016-03-20

Palm Sunday: What Kind of King is This?

King Jesus revolutionizes the nature of royalty and the lives of his subjects.

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Front Page-2016-03-13

Lionhearted: Taming the Lions

God watches over those who put their trust in Him.

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Front Page 2016-03-06

Lionhearted: Caught Red-Handed

Those who mock God will be judged by His hand. Those who submit to God have already been shown grace through His Son, and receive forgiveness and a second chance and secure future in Jesus.

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Front Page 2016-02-28

Lionhearted: Who Do You Think You Are?

God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble. (How) have you humbled yourself before God?

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Front Page 2016-02-21

Loves Leaves a Legacy

Love is a sacrificial investment in people so they become all that God intends. What kind of legacy are you investing in?

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Front Page 2016-02-14

Divine Love Up-Close

Divine love is demonstrable in those who know Jesus. It brings heaven to earth in the most personal of relationships, especially in marriage.

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Front Page 2016-02-07

Lionhearted: Supreme Confidence

God’s glory was even more valuable to Daniel’s friends than their own lives. How much is your life worth? For what are you willing to lose it?

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Front Page 2016-01-31

Lionhearted: Shock and Awe

Come and stand amazed – God wills and God reigns.

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Front Page-2016-01-24

Lionhearted: The Birth of a Lionheart

Take a wise stand and expect good things.

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Mike Stanley’s Story

Mike reminisces about his life before he knew Jesus and how the Gospel changed his life, saved his marriage, and enabled him to serve God and others in many ways.

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Women’s Bible Study Stories

Kelly, Karen, Kate, and Laura discuss the impact that Women’s Bible Study has had on their lives and the blessing it is to live in supportive, Christian community.

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Short-Term Trips Stories

Jesús, Beth, and Brandi share stories of how God used them to share His love on various short-term trips in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Haiti.

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Advanced Leadership Training Stories

Nathan, Jack, and Jeff share how Advanced Leadership Training has equipped them to serve others and share the Gospel. Learn more about Advanced Leadership Training at GracePolaris.org/Training.

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Jessica Green’s Reaching Beyond Story

Jessica shares about what she’s looking forward to with Reaching Beyond and her ability to participate in the building transformation.

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Ed & Lori Miller’s Reaching Beyond Story

Ed and Lori discuss their background, experience volunteering at Grace, and excitement about the future of the Worship Center.

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Dennis Landis’ Reaching Beyond Story

Dennis discusses his role at Grace, our responsibility to steward the resources God has given to us, and the many benefits that will come with a renovated Worship Center.

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Mary Jo Gaskalla’s Reaching Beyond Story

Mary Jo recounts her history as Grace’s orchestra conductor and how God has enabled her to reach beyond for our building transformation.

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The Cook Family’s Story

Doug and Sarah asked God to bless them with a child long before He answered their prayer with a “yes” in the form of Taryn. What He planned for their family was better than they imagined…

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Advanced Leadership Training Stories

Jeff, Michael, and Esther share how Advanced Leadership Training has equipped them to reach beyond in sharing the Gospel with others. They encourage everyone to take action and share about Jesus in any context. Learn more about Advanced Leadership Training at GracePolaris.org/Training.

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The Hastings Family’s Story

The Hastings family decided early on to be “all in” at Grace because they knew that participation in a local church strengthens their identity in Christ. Hear how God is using the Hastings to reach beyond for His glory.

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Dorothy Seitzinger’s Story

God took Dorothy, a “shy, backward farm girl,” and started a revival in her heart. Now He’s using her to reach beyond in sharing the Gospel with the people she encounters each day.

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Rachel Janssen’s Story

Rachel is an example of someone who has been served by others and was motivated to reach beyond in sharing God’s love with people. Hear how He’s using her to bless others.

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2016 Beach Baptism Celebration

Praise God for these five individuals who are following Jesus and wanted to tell the world about His saving power at our 2016 Beach Baptism Celebration! If you’re a follower of Jesus but haven’t yet been baptised, apply at GracePolaris.org/Baptism so we can celebrate with you.

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Sarai Hathaway’s Story

Sarai went on the hunt, at the age of twelve, for the “missing piece” in her life, trying to fill the void with all the world has to offer. After all the searching and running, Christ rescued and restored her.

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Jordan Lodge’s Story

Jordan grew up in a religious household but was searching for something more. A car accident in college woke him up to the reality of a “missing piece” in his life.

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Pam Woods’ Story

If you had asked Pam if she was a Christian before she came to know Jesus personally, she’d say “Of course!” It wasn’t long after a friend invited Pam to a Bible study that she began to discover a “missing piece” in her life.

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The Lawsons’ & Dirscherls’ Stories

What does it mean to be the “aroma” of Christ? As Pastor Mike teaches from 2 Corinthians 2, he invites two families to share their “scent stories.” Kim and Ken Lawson have shared about Jesus in the local community through tangible witness opportunities, while George and Rebecca Dirscherl have been positive examples of Jesus in their neighborhood and workplace.

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Matt Dickson’s Story

Matt first got plugged in at Grace by attending Right Start Bible Hour. Since then, he’s joined Grace Students and has been challenged to share Jesus with many people at his school and on his football team.

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Will Hall’s Story

God’s Word can turn anyone into a believer. Just ask Will! After hearing the Gospel on an iPod (a gift from his mother), Will came to know Jesus and His saving power. Now, Will is sharing Jesus with everybody he rubs shoulders with.

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Shari Stanley & Brian Elder’s Story

Shari and Brian have learned a lot by investing their time in Grace Polaris U. As a result, they’ve grown closer to Jesus and are better equipped to share His good news with others.

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Karen Rugg-Klapheke’s Story

Through various trials, God has used Karen to encourage others, bless them, and point them to His glory.

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John Barnhard’s Story

John lived an incredible life and left an impactful legacy. Hear how he got connected to Grace and how God changed his life through the Cancer Support Group. We celebrate that John is now with Jesus and are thankful that he left a generous gift so Grace can continue living out its mission.

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Lisa Anglea

This recent widow talks about the challenges she faced after being diagnosed with breast cancer on the heels of her husband’s death…and the strength God gave her to face each day.

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Beau & Stacey Stanley

Young parents tell the story of a complicated pregnancy, and how God used their situation to strengthen their trust in His goodness.

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Kim Vucelich

A normally vivacious wife and mom talks about being diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, and how God renewed her faith in His plan.

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Kirk & Jenn Iler

Blending two households is never easy…especially when it comes to money! The Ilers have learned a lot about managing their finances together through the Compass ministry.

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Caleb Green

This young adult talks about working as an intern at Grace, and sharing the Gospel to the local community through garden-planting.

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Jack & Evon Gross

Raising two sons with special needs has its share of joys and struggles. The Gross’ talk about their experience, and how Grace has ministered to them.

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Tom & Lisa Anglea

Tom’s fight against brain cancer has challenged the Anglea family. But God has shown His love for them through the prayer and support of both their church and school families.

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Gretchen Horstman

Hear about ministering to international students as an English conversation partner from someone who has lots of experience!

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ECC Outreach

Several parents describe their experiences at the Grace Early Childhood Center, and how it has impacted their families.

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Jim & Cookie Driscoll

Coming to know Jesus later in life, the Driscoll’s reflect on how their relationship developed, and about how they came to be part of Grace Polaris Church.

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Coming to the US from South Korea, this 12-year-old shares how he learned about Jesus, and his desire to share his faith with family back home.

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Jack Seitzinger

This seasoned saint talks about his experience in the military, how God brought him out of alcoholism, and the many life lessons he’s learned.

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School of Missiological Studies

This news update focuses on the new School of Missiological Studies in the Central African country of Chad.

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Dan & Nancy Green

The Greens reflect on the struggles that their family faced when their daughter, Rachel, fought her battle with cancer and how God strengthened their faith throughout the process.

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Marion Forrest

In this 3-part video series, Marion talks about his personal history and the foundation of Grace, from its humble beginnings as a Bible study in the basement of his home.

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