Grace Groups

Develop and deepen Christ-centered relationships. Pursue Jesus with a circle of friends. Put God’s Word into motion.

    It’s impossible for followers of Jesus to thrive in spiritual isolation. Devoted followers of Jesus want to become more like Him. They want to know, live, and share God’s Word…and they realize they can’t do it alone. That’s why we have Grace Groups! Our hope is that everyone who calls Grace their church home will choose to be engaged in a Grace Group or similar small group experience. Here’s what you can expect:

    • 10–12-week commitment per session (fall, winter, and spring)
    • 8–18 people per group, meeting weekly or biweekly
    • Most groups follow the Sunday morning sermon series

    It’s easy to get connected to a Grace Group that’s perfect for you! Just browse our list of groups or fill out the “Help Me Find a Grace Group” form so we can match you up with a group(s) that meets your needs.

    Study Guides

    Grace Group Study Guides are an excellent complement to the weekly sermons and include questions that will promote deep spiritual discussions within your group. The Grace Group Study Guides can be downloaded from each week’s sermon post.

    2018–19 Schedule

    Fall 2018

    September 9–December 8

    Winter 2019

    January 13–April 13

    Spring 2019

    April 28–June 15

    Summer 2019

    During the summer, Grace Groups select their own study and schedule, or individuals can join a Summer Affinity Group.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What material do Grace Groups use?

    Most groups work through a curriculum designed to correspond with the weekly sermon. Each registered group member will receive a weekly Grace Group Study Guide via email. The study guide will also be available online. A limited number of printed copies will be available on Sundays at the Worship Center. Some groups study other biblically-based topics.

    What is the annual rhythm of Grace Groups?

    There are three Grace Groups sessions each ministry year (fall, winter, and spring). Sessions last approximately 10–12 weeks. Some groups meet during the summer and select their own study material.

    What responsibilities will I have as a Grace Group member?

    Group members should make attendance and participation with their group a high priority. For groups following the sermon series, members should listen to the corresponding sermon (live or online) and complete the study guide prior to the start of each meeting.

    What about kids?

    Each group will determine how to care for and minister to their children. Some host homes will have a place for kids to play. Some groups will include children as part of the discussion. Please contact a group’s leader for details.

    Is there anything else my group will be doing?

    Outside of the regularly scheduled meetings, groups are encouraged to enjoy a social event and do one outreach/service activity together each session.

    What happens at the end of each quarter?

    After a short break a new session will begin. The break will allow groups to welcome new members. It will also give current members an opportunity to recommit for the next session, try a new group, or take a break.

    I’m interested in leading a group, or I’m currently leading a separate group and want to align with Grace Groups. What should I do?

    Request information on the leadership requirements and register for leadership training when you contact Pastor Gary Webb.

    I have another question. Who should I talk to?

    Please contact Pastor Jonathan Wiley.