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Breaking Through Prayer Barriers

Prayer is something that every believer would say is important. Nonetheless, many of us have struggled with prayer and find it difficult.

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Disciple-Making Obstacles

We are over a month into 2017, so I challenge you to consider what things get in the way of you being an ambassador for Christ in your workplace, in your neighborhood, in our city, and around the world.

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Taking a Different Route to Work

Have you ever taken a wrong turn out of sheer habit?

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Disciple-Making Reboot

As we begin the new year, rededicate yourself to the endeavor of reaching those who don’t yet know Christ.

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Disciple-Making is a Form of Leadership, Part 2

The difference between disciple-making and leadership might not be as big as we think.

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Disciple-Making is a Form of Leadership

Sound, biblical principles of leadership will make you more effective as a disciple-maker.

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Make the Most of Christmas

In a season of hustle and bustle, taking a few minutes to intentionally plan ways to share about the good news of Jesus is key.

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Great Questions, Part Two

This week we continue with the topic of questions for dialogue, offering three more basic questions for productive disciple-making interactions.

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Great Questions

It is very easy in interactions with others to assume we must drive the conversation, and sometimes we talk at people rather than drawing them out.

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The Advantage of Writing Stuff Down

When I entrust information to my brain, not only do I risk forgetting things, but I also end up using mental energy that could go somewhere else. Instead, if I write things down, I can “clear the mental decks” and be free to think and respond to what’s in front of me.

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