Don’t Waste Your Grill

You may be wondering why I am singing the grill’s praises on the Training Resources Blog. The reason is that there is one use of the grill I haven’t mentioned yet: gathering people.

A Properly Aimed Effort

If sanctification is the active work of intentional and ongoing submission to God’s transformative power, then self-sufficiency is poisonous. In fact, it’s the antithesis of sanctification.

Electronic Help for Prayer

Here’s a common but unfortunate scenario that happens often amongst followers of Jesus: person A asks person B to pray for her, and person B agrees, all the while knowing that she will probably forget to do this.

I’m Just a Grasshopper

This is what happens in the excuse-making business. We convince ourselves how some “fact” of our own manufacture supersedes God’s commands and promises. Then we get the self-justification ball rolling faster with something about why it’s impracticable to obey God.

Who Changes Me?

Sanctification is a concept that is simple in principle but somewhat more complex in practice. Most broadly, sanctification is the process that takes place after conversion by which the Christian is grown into maturity and transformed into the fullness of Christ.

Make Disciple Making Fun!

Disciple making is a calling and command for all followers of Jesus, but if we’re honest it also feels a bit like a burden. How can we do this and make it enjoyable?


Have you ever felt like you were like that piece of metal, heated red hot in some fiery trial, gripped by tongs of depression or disillusionment, and taking blows upon the anvil of suffering? Peter wrote about this very thing.

Are You Ready?

A thief is coming in the night. You aren’t sure when, but His coming is imminent. It could be at any moment. It could be today, tomorrow, five years from now or even longer.

Engaging the Struggle

As much as we appropriately emphasize grace — a ubiquitous concept in the Bible — if we want to make disciples of men in particular, we will do well to emphasize the hardship and struggle of the Christian life, and that such struggle is very good.