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The Fighter Verses App: A Powerful Tool for Memorization

Scripture tells the truth, and memorizing it can be a means for us to recall this truth amidst the lies we hear and tell ourselves.

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Why Competency isn’t Enough

What images come to your mind when you hear the word “training?” An athletic setting? A corporate on-ramp? A server shadowing another at a restaurant?

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Another Day, Another Drip: Enduring Challenges Produce Endurance

The drip, drip of problems never stop despite wrenching the nut tighter. Yet followers of Jesus can be calm in their hearts because of the peace of God which He gives to those He is transforming day by day.

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The Goodness of Work

Work is good. Let that sink in for just a moment. Yes, there are angry customers. Yes, there are mechanical breakdowns. Yes, there are miscommunications, unjust promotions, and blowout diapers. But work is good.

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The Difficulty of Work

The toil of work is an important biblical concept God establishes here, very early in the Scriptures. God probably never meant for work to be easy, but now it’s genuinely tough, and even under the curse of God.

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The Nature of Work

Anytime we are exerting ourselves to manage God’s creation—whether that’s creating Excel spreadsheets, hauling wood, or changing diapers—we are working.

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An Introduction to the Faith and Work Movement

Christians should live all of their lives in a manner pleasing to God, not just offering Him their explicitly spiritual activities. Our trouble seems to be in figuring out how this works.

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Disciple-Making Motivation

When you think about pursuing the disciple-making process, what gets you motivated? What drives you to want to share the good news and introduce people to Christ? Or, another way to think about it: in moments of discouragement, how do you keep going?

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Breaking Through Prayer Barriers

Prayer is something that every believer would say is important. Nonetheless, many of us have struggled with prayer and find it difficult.

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Disciple-Making Obstacles

We are over a month into 2017, so I challenge you to consider what things get in the way of you being an ambassador for Christ in your workplace, in your neighborhood, in our city, and around the world.

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