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When Does the Easy Part Come?

My name is Jack and I am a recovering que sera sera Christian. I wonder how many other que sera sera Christians are squandering the privilege of being on mission for Jesus Christ. That’s the word that really catches in my throat: “privilege.”

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Regarding People

The goal in discipleship is to be neither a cynic nor an optimist, per se, but to be a realist looking through the lens of the Spirit’s power. What I mean is that our attitude toward someone’s growth must be dependent on God’s promise to will and to work, not on the immediate results we currently see.

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The Anti-Disciple Maker

How many of the people wandering the halls of our building on a Sunday morning have taken in far more knowledge than they’ve actually been able to apply? How many people are going from class to class and sermon to sermon gathering information that isn’t leading to transformation?

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Choosing the Right Discomfort

There are two kinds of discomfort in life, and we have to pick one of them. The first is good and the second is bad.

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Speaking Without Speech

You never know what’s around the corner, as the saying goes. Neither did I know what was on the other side of the door as I was departing a skilled nursing center recently.

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The Art(s) of Discipleship

With the exception of the occasional Mozart born every few decades, everyone needs a teacher to show them how to master their art. I’ve had writing teachers and music teachers my whole life. A French horn was just a useless hunk of metal until my teacher taught me how to use it in the way its designer intended.

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Why Witness?

What if turning the corner in becoming an effective evangelist isn’t following a new strategy or even a firm kick in the pants, but taking time to soak in the good news of the Gospel for your own life?

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What Am I Waiting For?

Grocery store lines are comprised of human beings, people with eternal souls who need to hear the Gospel. They aren’t barriers; they’re image-bearers.

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Playing the Long Game

We live in a country of immediacy. We all know this and it’s constantly bemoaned or praised by sources begging us to slow down and smell the flowers or pushing us to speed up and smell the new iPhone.

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You Are What You…

What are those things that most shape you? What makes you who you are? What guides your decisions throughout the day? These are huge questions that dictate how you live your life each and every day!

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