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Playing the Long Game

We live in a country of immediacy. We all know this and it’s constantly bemoaned or praised by sources begging us to slow down and smell the flowers or pushing us to speed up and smell the new iPhone.

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You Are What You…

What are those things that most shape you? What makes you who you are? What guides your decisions throughout the day? These are huge questions that dictate how you live your life each and every day!

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Does God Want Me To Be Happy?

Does God want us to be happy or does He want us to be holy? Actually, He wants both, and in His wisdom He has created us in such a way that we only find our highest happiness in Him.

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Unity and Peace: Does My Effort Matter?

Have you heard of the traditional “seven deadly sins?” It’s likely you have, but have you heard of the seven so-called “heavenly virtues?” One of these heavenly virtues makes healthy disciple-making relationships possible.

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The Things We Endure

A devoted follower of Jesus must love His Church for her deepest universal and spiritual reality, her mission, and her true essence: the people. This doesn’t mean ignoring or not addressing a local church’s flaws; it means that a focus on the transcendent splendor of Christ and His bride will cause these flaws to be less central.

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Making Disciples Together

None of us should try to pursue intentional disciple making on our own. We all need others around us to spur us on in this difficult but worthy endeavor.

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Now What Pleases You?

When something dawns on you for the first time, do you get that take-your-breath-away feeling? “Breathtaking” as an adjective is like “amazing.” It’s sort of like having a heart palpitation which catches your breath for a moment. New insights can be overwhelming!

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Until the Other…

Perhaps this relational depth is most difficult because it gives that person permission to speak into our life the same way—to tell us the things we need to hear but don’t want to. It’s one of the beautiful pains of being a part of the Body of Christ.

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A Two-Week Tango with Pareto and Parkinson

In the last two weeks, I hung out with a dead Italian economist and a guy whose name is more associated with a disease than with productivity.

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The Deep-Water Challenge: Plunge In and Demonstrate Confidence

The prospect of adversity tends to intimidate us into giving up the fight rather than challenging us to confidently soldier on through exhausting trials. But that’s one of the reasons God has given us leaders who help us when we can’t touch the bottom any longer.

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