Maybe you’ve noticed something I observed about the uniqueness of Jesus’ life here on earth.

Thousands of babies had been born in the town of Bethlehem, but never before in that town’s history had a young virgin girl given birth…until Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

Everyone who had lived in the town of Bethany a hundred years before Jesus came there had died, but never before had a man died and then lived again like Lazarus did…until Jesus came to Bethany.

The Sea of Galilee in northern Israel was an excellent fishing lake but was known for its sudden storms which surprised even experienced mariners. Many storms had tossed that rugged sea, but not a single one had stopped with mere words when a man said “be still”…until Jesus went out into the Sea of Galilee.

On Mount Calvary in Jerusalem, the Romans had crucified many men on crosses in their attempts to limit crime and demonstrate their iron rule. Though many men died on that hill, none had died to provide our forgiveness with God…until Jesus died on Calvary.

But it doesn’t end there. Even today, Jesus continues to do miracles in people’s lives. My life has been forever changed because He came to me. Just as Lazarus was physically dead, the Bible says that I was spiritually dead — not just sick, but dead! And then, when I invited Jesus to perform His salvation for me, He placed His life within me. Within my dead soul, He placed His life — His eternal life. What a difference. I’m no longer dead toward God. On Calvary, Jesus provided my forgiveness from God, and when I asked for that forgiveness, He gave it to me.

I’ll never be the same. I’m alive forever!

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Bernie Simmons and his wife, Sue, have been a part of Grace for many years, faithfully serving families for much of that time through GraceKIDS. More recently Bernie enjoyed continued ministry through various teaching and pastoral care opportunities, spending a significant portion of his time leading teams that serve in local nursing homes. Now retired, he still serves as an elder and Bernie and Sue continue to call Grace their church home.