Summertime ten years ago was perhaps the most life-altering three months I’ve experienced. It all started with an internship here at Grace Polaris Church. Pastor Dave Plaster invited me to come and serve for the summer, and it was my first experience ministering in a local church. I loved getting an inside look at the life of the local church and that experience really shaped me as a person and as a pastor (I also just happened to meet my future wife that summer, so it was life-altering in more ways than one).

Our vision at Grace includes new life, new growth, new leaders, and new churches. Today I’m going to emphasize the new leaders aspect as I introduce our interns for the summer! We love having college interns around, and it’s just one way we seek to fulfill this call of investing in new leaders. All three have grown up at Grace, but have been away during their college years. Steven Ruane and Alec McLean are serving in the Pastoral Internship Program as they seek confirmation of God’s leading for their future ministry. Colleen Homoelle is back for a second summer as our intern in Grace Students.

Here’s a little of what they had to say about themselves and what they’re looking forward to:

Colleen Homoelle (Parents: Kent and Suzanne)

I just finished my second year at Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana. I am majoring in special education and elementary education, and my goal is to teach middle or high school special education. I am currently on track to graduate next spring and then complete my student teaching the following fall semester. I am overjoyed to return this summer and intern for Grace Students again. I served in the youth group while in high school, and began building relationships with a multitude of students. Those relationships continued to grow last year, and new ones were built. I am extremely excited to continue fostering these relationships with the students while building new ones. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for this summer and how He will work in the students’ lives as well as mine.

Steven Ruane (Parents: Joe and Karen)

Hello, church! I am very excited to work alongside the pastoral staff as an intern this summer. As of this month, I have attended Grace for twelve years along with my family. Throughout that time, I have come to know and love many in our church, and look forward to meeting many more this summer. In addition to walking the halls of Grace Polaris Church as a member, I have also walked them as a student, graduating from Worthington Christian (Go Warriors!) in 2015. Now, I am a junior at Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) studying for majors in psychology and comparative religion, and after college, my heart is increasingly set on seminary and pastoral ministry.

As an intern, I hope first to come to know the Lord better as I work alongside the amazing church staff to advance the Gospel in our community. Secondly, I hope that God would use me to love our congregation as He enables, experiencing and reflecting the savior who has given us His ultimate love. Lastly, I hope to gain a fuller understanding of the Lord’s leading in my life as it is expressed through my desires, gifts, and experiences as an intern. It is my earnest prayer that I would glorify the Father as His follower and son—wherever He leads—and I am eager to worship the King as I serve and enjoy His people.

Alec McLean (Parents: Patrick and Diane)

I am currently attending Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana, studying to get my Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurial Management with a minor in Behavioral Science. I am excited about this Pastoral Internship Program because I have been going to this Grace my entire life. My main goal for this internship is to explore the idea of pastoral ministry in my own life and to learn as much as I can from our incredible pastoral staff.

We are excited to have these three around this summer! Please take time to welcome them.

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Zac Hess joined the pastoral staff in 2013 after serving as an intern during his seminary studies. He grew up on a farm in Ashland, OH and later met his wife, Sarah, who grew up as part of Grace Polaris Church. Zac pursued biblical studies at both Grace College and Grace Theological Seminary. He loves sports, the outdoors, reading, and a good cup of coffee. Zac and Sarah are the proud parents of Jacob and Caroline.

Please Note November 18 is Thanksgiving Sunday, and we’ll be having one worship service at 10:00 a.m.