Thanksgiving Meditation

We should dwell on simple pleasures:
A fireside, a written letter.
In His common grace delight —
Infuse a thankful heart with life —
A chocolate bar, a faithful car,
A cozy nap, a crisp cigar.
Pleasures whisper holy peace —
When one is thinking temporally.

It’s lovely to enjoy oneself,
To bask in blessings God has dealt.
All good things appreciate
But do remember: they will fade.

Ponder things of constancy:
Friendships, spouses, progeny,
Breath, career, and enterprise,
The color in your lover’s eyes.
All these things are but a start
Describing all that God imparts.
All His gifts declare His praise
And may be used in just that way.

A thankful heart delights itself,
It bathes in blessings God has dealt.
All these things appreciate.
But do remember: they will fade.

We rarely like to speak of death,
But, even then, we’re truly blest.
In darkest shallows He is light.
And in our weakness He has might.
Sorrows, losses, trials, flames
Work to glorify His Name.
Pain that dredges, plumbs the depths —
Proves the lengths our Savior went.

It’s good to sometimes just survive,
To weep with Jesus by your side.
In these times trudge through the pain
And do remember: they will fade.

Praise the Lord and give Him thanks
In bluest skies and wuthering banks.
For you can rest unbothered by
Your unrestrained olden nights.
Sleep He gives, and freely so,
Confidence from wounds that flow
To cover every indiscretion —
Our sin will nevermore be mentioned.

Thanks to Christ who did the work,
Who died the death that we deserved.
God has slain our sickly flesh
And ransomed us from sin and death.
He’s transferred us to lands of light —
The kingdom of our Lord and Christ.

Danny Nathan grew up at Grace participating in the music and worship ministry. He’s currently a worship leader, leading people into worship in a variety of venues, including our modern worship service and student ministry gatherings. Danny is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a degree in English. In June 2016, Danny married his high school sweetheart Alli.

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