It seems everyone around us is searching for something. The perfect physique, the perfect job, the perfect gizmo, the perfect vehicle. People are searching for what will give purpose, meaning, and satisfaction—always pursuing things in life that will make the days meaningful. Interesting enough, the world is all too eager to step up with an answer to fill that void.

When you watch a commercial on TV, it seems to promise everything… If you can just own and drive that vehicle, your problems will be solved! True meaning in life will be attained. Everyone around you will be happy, yourself included. Everyone will look at you while you’re driving and admire you. If you just drink this adult beverage, you’ll be on endless white sandy beaches without a trouble in the world! You’ll have a perfect tan, a perfect physique, and a perfect partner…included at no extra charge! This is just a taste of the allure of the seemly guaranteed joy and bliss of the world’s goods, of the world itself.

The glitter and glitz of this time of year plays right into this as well, and it can have a mesmerizing effect on us. The recent Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday sales seem to fulfill, in some small way, the hope, the search, the meaning. All your dreams can come true for 50% off!

It’s so easy to buy into this but I would encourage all of us to take a step back and think for a moment. We’ve been there. We’ve all thought that if we just get this or that then our life will be more complete. The problem is that the vehicle will wear out, get scratched, or possibly totaled in an accident. The drink will be consumed and surprisingly doesn’t lead to a trouble-free life with all the fringe benefits. The gizmo will soon become obsolete. If it’s an electronic item, it was probably obsolete when you purchased it, or so it seems. We end up, where we began: still searching.

Maybe, just maybe, we need to change the parameters of our search. Maybe this world can’t deliver what our heart is truly searching for.

This holiday season, seek for a moment to consider, then change the trajectory of your search. We all get caught up in “stuff.” It’s easy to do. During this holiday season, consider moving your search to the person of Jesus. He is that long-awaited One, the Messiah. He is Emmanuel, God with us. He is the One who gives true meaning, the One who can give us peace. He’s the One who gave His life in our place so we could have life. He’s the One who pursues those who run from Him, the One who blesses us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places.

Jesus cries out, “Come to Me all you who are weary, all you who are burdened, I can give you rest; not just rest for your weary body but rest for your soul, rest and peace within” (Matthew 11:28–30). Even as circumstances continue to be chaotic and out of control, He will walk with us and help us within our circumstances. He is gentle and humble of heart. He will welcome all who search for Him.

During this holiday season, consider Jesus. This might not be what—or who—you thought about searching for, but He’s the answer to all your searching.

Gary Webb is the Adult Ministries Pastor. He and his wife, Beth, were transferred down to Columbus from Toledo in 1988 while he worked for UPS. Gary worked as an engineer for over 12 years for UPS and Children’s Hospital. During those years the Webbs became involved at Grace. He joined the pastoral staff in 2000. Gary studied engineering (University of Toledo) and theology (Grace Seminary). Gary enjoys coaching, running, biking, swimming and hiking. Gary and Beth have three adult children and three grandchildren.

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