The Pastors’ Blog

Options in Worship?

We’re tempted to ask “Which of those areas am I responsible for? Can I choose one area of my life — either time or talents or treasures — to be a worshipper of God?”

My Stacker Addiction

When you’ve tasted something so good and so life-changing, you want your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and even strangers to taste the same thing. You want them to love what you love.

Finding My Pooh Zen

In Christ there’s freedom from the trap of being defined by what I do or what I’ve done. This doesn’t mean I’m not responsible for what I do, but it does mean that my truer identity is secure and unaffected by me.

A Christmas for All the People

This Christmas, as we wake up and begin our celebration, I want to challenge us to see an aspect of this magnificent holiday that we may be tempted to forget or overlook entirely.

Don’t Miss the Christ of Christmas

It’s easy to be all mushy gushy at Christmas with the baby Jesus. Christmas is a cultural holiday that nine out of ten Americans celebrate. Americans marvel at a baby in a manager, but we cringe at a Christ on a cross.

Hungry and Homeless

You’ve seen her before: the woman in shabby clothes, braving the weather near a highway exit ramp while holding a sign that says, “Hungry and Homeless. Please Help. God Bless You.” Cue the internal wrestling match.

What’s in a Name?

My father’s name was good. My father’s name opened a door for me that was not expected but was greatly appreciated.

Grasping the Promise

Given the amount of information we process, as well as our human tendency toward immediate gratification, we might chalk this promise up to be something to consider down the road. But this would be a mistake.

The Team of 12 That Went to Vidor

The recovery team of 12 from our church responded to help and arrived in Vidor, Texas — just 90 minutes east of Houston — on November 5. We sensed that God could use us to accomplish several purposes.