Each year Momentum Youth Conference is a highlight of the summer for our student ministry. There’s something about getting away for several days that helps you change your perspective and makes you more open to what God might want to say to you. This is one big value of any kind of spiritually impacting trip!

This year’s theme for Momentum is The Comeback, and the big idea behind the theme is:

No matter how far we’ve wandered and regardless of what we’ve done or haven’t done, our gracious God is always extending an invitation to come to Him, whether for the first time or the five-hundredth time.

The truth about God’s graciousness is an essential component of the Gospel, and it’s great news for everyone: children, students, and adults.

Many students feel a unique pressure to perform in order to earn praise and love. Much of their lives involve earning good grades at school, playing time and awards on their sports teams, social status from their peers through likes and comments on social media, and praise and worth from the many adults that are a part of their lives.

The pressure to always perform is causing high levels of stress and exhaustion for many students today. This article is one of hundreds out there pointing out the unique pressures students face today. They have little room in their lives to slow down, breathe, be themselves, and understand the biblical truth that God loves them no matter what.

That’s my hope for our students as they enter this week: that they would be able to slow down (and even unplug from their constantly dinging and buzzing devices), listen to the truth of God’s great love for them, and rest in His grace, knowing that He doesn’t ask them to perform for His love. We’re all in need of a comeback, and I’m looking forward to that happening in the lives of each of our students and leaders this week.

Would you commit to praying for our students as we spend five days listening and responding to God’s voice? Consider even setting a prayer alarm on your phone or writing down a reminder so you don’t forget. It’s a small but eternal investment you can make in the next generation!

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Matt Vosberg is the Pastor of Student Ministries. He and his family moved to Columbus in 2009. His wife, Marianne, is a native Buckeye, while Matt hails from northern Indiana. Together they have three young children. Both attended and met at Grace College. Matt worked for Youth for Christ in northern Indiana for four years before serving as a Youth Pastor in Pennsylvania for five years. Matt studied Youth Ministry and Counseling (Grace College).