Here at Grace Polaris Church, our mission is to honor God by multiplying devoted followers of Jesus. How are we doing at fulfilling that mission? In one sense, that mission will occupy our full attention until Jesus returns — there will always be room for improvement. In another sense, we should see progress in all our lives as we become more faithful followers of Jesus. However, the more personal question is how are you doing in fulfilling that mission of becoming a devoted follower of Jesus?

One of the yardsticks for the spiritual measurement of our progress is how courageous we are as witnesses to Jesus as Savior and Lord. Do we express verbally the truth of the Gospel as we engage the unbelieving world (Colossians 4:3,4)? Do we demonstrate the transforming power of Christ by displaying changed lives full of joy and hope (Titus 2:9–15)? Do we adorn the truth of the Gospel with deeds of kindness pleasing to our Savior and impactful to unbelievers (Matthew 5:13–16)?

Rarely do we get clear feedback as to how we’re doing as witnesses for Jesus by those who observe our lives. It is encouraging, though, to hear good things that can motivate us to press on to more faithfulness. I ran across an encouraging report from someone who observed some people from Grace serving at the Hardin Clinic in south Linden, a community in the downtown area of Columbus.

There are many ways to express your faith while you serve at the Hardin Clinic. Some volunteer as medical professionals. Others assist patients who come to be seen by a doctor. Others volunteer to pray with patients and share the Gospel verbally. The neat thing is that this witness opportunity is a group effort and everyone contributes to making clear what the Gospel is and how it can change one’s life. Listen to one person’s observations about what he saw at the Hardin clinic:

When we share the Gospel as a group of people at the same time, we call this “fishing with a net.” The other approach is to share in personal, one-on-one conversations. Both can be effective and should be encouraged. But when we share as a group, there are synergies that multiply the impact of the witness.

We at Grace want to encourage you in both personal and group witness opportunities! If you’re looking for a place to join in a group witness such as the Hardin Clinic, contact me and we can talk about your involvement.